My Dog Stella

At the beginning of March I got Stella Rey! Her name was Juniper but I decided to re-name her. I loved the named Stella and was going back and forth between a few names but when I saw her she was a Stella. I named her Rey from Star Wars Rey. Rey was very brave and overcame many obstacles and was powerful and I just love it!

Since the fall we’ve talked about possibly getting a 2nd dog to give Daisy company through the day. Then in the winter my depression got a little worse again and I just wanted a dog to be with me at basically all times. I started thinking about getting another dog but I wasn’t looking yet I just was praying.

One day after work I decided to look up dogs at local shelters. I found a few dogs that I loved. I saw a dog that looked nearly identical to Daisy and I thought she was the same size. We went to the shelter to meet her and she was huge! She was sweet but she jumped up on me and she was really heavy so I knew it wouldn’t work great. I was bummed. They said she was also very hyper and would need a lot of training and I knew it wasn’t the best fit. She said we have another dog here that would be perfect. They brought Stella out. She was so sweet came up right away and cuddled up right beside me. I asked if they had any smaller dogs and she was the smallest. So after bonding with her we took her outside to meet Daisy. They weren’t 100% friends right away but they were wanting to play. Stella kept jumping up and sitting right beside me and I knew she was going home with me then. On the way home I opened my internet tabs and Stella was a dog that I had “saved” I just forgot. Funny how life works out sometimes.

She is 3 and is a terrier mix. She was house trained (and crate trained) and has been SO good! She is so sweet and such a cuddle bug. She was quite overweight when I adopted her. We got her on weight management food and try to go on walks daily. She has lost 8 pounds! She weighs about 30 pounds and I can pick her up! She is pretty quiet and really only barks when there is something to be protective about.

Stella had sort of a rough start to her life. I did adopt her at the same shelter my sister got Daisy.

Stella was born in a shelter in Alabama. She spent her first year and a half in the shelter. She got parvovirus as a puppy and survived! (little fact I also had parvovirus a few years ago when my rheumatologist ordered blood work it showed up — dog parvo is different than human parvo). She was adopted and they brought her up to Indiana to a family member because Stella wasn’t getting along with the owners dogs. They were both bigger than her and ended up bullying her a lot. She wasn’t with the family long it sounded like and then was brought to the shelter.

This is a picture of all of Stella’s firsts. She just had her first vet appointment this month and she is doing great. We talked about her weight and continue on her food and walks. Her teeth are looking good we give her a greenie everyday! The vet recommended going down a size on the greenies to save some calories. Stella’s favorite treat is Beggin Strips! The picture is on her car ride home with Daisy after I adopted her. They bonded very quickly. Then she did great with her first bath! She loves getting groomed! I took her to a groomer recently and she did great and looked so much better! She barely sheds now!

It took a little time but Stella and Daisy have bonded so much. In the morning Daisy runs upstairs and they literally give each other hugs and kisses it’s so funny. Daisy wasn’t a big fan of when Stella had to go to the groomer and the vet without her. On my days off work we usually all cuddle up and sleep they love nap time and their pajamas. They’ve started playing more now that Stella is starting to learn how to play with toys.

Stella loves to wear clothes! As you can tell she gets totally relaxed at bedtime when she has her pjs. She loved watching March Madness and she loves to wear her dresses. I just bought her a cubs shirt so for the sports she is covered! She also loves to wear bows on her harness. She has to wear a harness because her neck/head are shaped so weird that the collar slips off.

Here are a few of Stella’s favorite things. She loves to sit. When she needs to go outside or wants anything she goes right to the door (or in front of her treats). She loves to cuddle with her toys. She loves to share some vanilla ice cream with her sister when they are really good. Stella also enjoys church service on Facebook and she follows along in Mom’s bible. She loves her little lamb chop toy also. She also has two favorite bones. She wasn’t playing with toys much but now she is starting to. She is very gentle and doesn’t play rough. I’ve caught her grooming her toys when she is done playing with them especially if it’s an animal like a unicorn or lamb chop. It’s been really fun to see her start to feel so safe and happy here. You can often find her tail wagging and she LOVES to give kisses.

One thing Stella doesn’t like (which most dogs don’t) are thunderstorms. We had a bad rainstorm and she put her ears back right away and hid behind my chair. I just turned my sound machine on and gave her one of those hemp calm treat things and cuddled with her and she was much better.

As I was working on this blog post this was my view.

Stella is really perfect for me. She was the perfect thing for me to spend my tax refund on! I’m officially a dog mom. Her birthday is November. My sister adopted Daisy almost a year ago and she will be turning 3 soon! Stella is also like a little weighted blanket and when I get anxious or am dealing with depression she cuddles up or lays on my lap and adds pressure weight. She loves to watch out the window and loves to drink water.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he (or she) loves himself (or herself). ” Josh Billings

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