Styling Outfits For Being Home

All my outfits are linked under the picture. Just click the link and it will show you where I got my outfit from. If you click that link and purchase something on a web browser not an app I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks 🙂

I know most of us are still staying in the house all day for the most part. I just want to say thank you to all the healthcare workers and essential workers. I think of you all everyday. I also want to say if you have gone back to work this week I’m praying for you!

The first month of quarantine I was really sick with what my doctor suspects was COVID-19, so I stayed in pajamas that time. I usually work 3 days a week M-W. So I challenge myself to get dressed for at least 3 days since being at home and not working. It was so good for my mental health to get out of pjs and sweats for awhile. I was more focused on writing blogs and getting tasks done throughout the day. My mood was better. Trust me I still wear sweats and pjs on the off days just like I had been doing.

On Instagram whenever we get dressed we call it a win and you can use the hashtag #abbysquarantinechallenge it’s a fun way to keep people accountable and it helps keep myself accountable. Everyone is welcome!

So here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve been using while we are at home.

I love a good pair of jeggings! They look like jeans but have an elastic waistband. I love all Old Navy’s jeggings.I should’ve sized up to a 14. They are a little snug around the hips but once you get them on you’re good to go and they are so comfortable. I had a very soft tank top on and added a cute button down as a jacket. Then I threw on some nicer sandals and it really makes the outfit look better. By the way these shoes aren’t the Millers they are a knock off from Famous Footwear I love these they are so comfy!

I threw on some jeans for this! A super comfy easy outfit. You don’t have to wear your skinniest jeans you own or the fanciest. These are my favorite from Old Navy and they are so stretchy. Just adding jeans to an outfit helps lift your mood. You can add jeans to any outfit. If you haven’t put on jeans yet try some! You won’t regret it!

These are a wide leg crop pant. I’m 5’2 so they don’t really look cropped on me. It comes with a soft belt and you usually tuck your shirt in so you can see the belt. I took the belt off and added a colored shirt and a soft jacket. It still looked really nice but I made the pants more comfy. These are great if you want comfy but need to get out of your pjs.

We had to go run errands the other day and this is what I threw on. I would consider this a cozy outfit. I added the sneakers to make it more casual and a chunky oversized sweater. You don’t have to always wear the nicest thing in your closet. Just put on something! I thought this would be a great traveling outfit/airport outfit. It’s going to be awhile for traveling but just a thought for the future.

I love finding sweatshirts like this! The comfort of a sweatshirt but a little more put together. I added my fun unicorn shoes. I paired it with a necklace to dress it up a little. Have fun with your accessories! Love wearing statement earrings? Wear them! Do you love necklaces? Style them! Do whatever brings you joy!

These outfits are my jam! I love these comfy faux leather leggings. They feel like workout pants but not tight. They really change an outfit. I can dress them up or down. I went for a more casual look. I added a t-shirt and cardigan. You could add a nice tunic and throw on some fun earrings.

Use this time to really shop your closet and have fun. I love putting outfits together. I love trying new things while being at home and having fun with what I wear.

There is no right or wrong. You can even for the first week just challenge yourself to get out of pjs/sweats 1-2 days. I still wear my sweats and comfy cozies when I can, and some days I just stay in pjs. I love escaping for a little bit and going into my closet and cranking up some music. I recently started doing this to just have a few minutes to distract from what’s going on. I sometimes start with a top and sometimes I start with the bottoms. Another tip I have is I pick out my outfits for the week on Sunday. I have them all organized I’ve been doing this for a few years now. I look forward to wearing what I picked out and it helps you to get out of pjs when you already have clothes picked out.

I hope this helps! Don’t forget you can use the hashtag #abbysquarantinechallenge and follow me on Instagram !



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