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I’ve been really struggling with what to post today. I usually post a style or lifestyle blog post on Friday’s. I’m obviously a day late here. I thought when I woke up this morning I would know what I could blog about. I was struggling with do people want regular content and try-ons (from earlier this month), or do I post about my top things I’ve been using so far. Then just now I got the idea to post about some of my favorite small businesses (I think this was a small nudge from God). They need our support more than ever.

I’m going to share some of my favorite shops below. I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to make you buy something. Did you know you can support them without spending any money? Give them a shoutout on social media, leave a review if you have a product from them, like and comment on posts. Follow them on their social media accounts. You can send them a message and let them know you’re praying for them or just sending good vibes during this time right now.

Ps these are in no particular order but I’m sharing my Top 12 favorites. I think it’s important to note these are all run by women! (BOSS BABES)

The Sandy Pearls just released her spring capsule and it’s so cute! She also released a new style that is 2 tiered and I love them! Her jewelry is so good and the quality is amazing. She also runs The Styled Sisters. I’m a part of this and love it! She gives clothing advice and there are facebook lives with special guests. It’s helped my overall confidence. Below is a picture of me in the classic seashells.

I’m so excited to talk about this boutique. My cousin’s wife owns this Boutique Oz and they just launched it online! She is so kind and I love the styles she carries. Here are The Basics Collection because everyone can always use a basic. She carries candles and beautiful jewelry and so many other fun things! Below is a picture of me in a cardigan I got last year (I think)!

Today (March 21) is World Down Syndrome Day. A shop called Wells Cooperative has a whole collection dedicated to this. The owner has a son with downs and she connects with other moms and families and they created this beautiful jewelry. Check out the 321 Collection! It’s so hard to pick a favorite from this collection but I love this piece named the Henry necklace. It’s so pretty and goes with everything as most of their necklaces in this collection does. Each piece in this collection also includes who and why they created this piece from the family.

Are you needing some help with planning things or jotting down notes/ daily plans? Look no further Jess has the coolest digital products. I have the free notebook and love it. I’m thinking of buying a planner soon from her since I love the notebook so much. I love that it’s all on the iPad or phone. I have a paper planner but it gets hard to haul that around. Make sure to check out her website she has lots of good things! She has some adorable products for sale and also runs an awesome podcast!

Boho Pretty is one of my favorite boutiques. It stands for Beautiful On Her Own. You can use code ABBYH9 for a discount! One of my favorite items they have right now is a new arrival called the Cleo Top. This has all the fun colors for spring! They also have a leopard collection which is so fun (and hard to not buy it all lol). *if you click the 2 links here and make a purchase I may earn a small commission

Next up is Casual Friday KY. I love buying products from her! She loves the Lord and is serving him daily and encourages others to do the same. She has a beautiful new collection named the Hope Restored Collection. She also runs an amazing podcast. You can get headbands, shirts, comfy sweatshirts. During this quarantine we all need some positive uplifting clothes with all the spring colors. She also has subscription boxes that are so fun! She has 3 different options. Heavenly Headbands- $10 a headband and prayer card. Blessing Bag – $25 headband and exclusive shirt. The Blessing Box (my personal fav) – $40 with products valued over 60+ with 3-5 items including a headband and exclusive shirt and some products from other local businesses. You can cancel at any time. I also have gone between blessing bag and box. It’s truly like a present in the mailbox each month. It always brightens my day and when I wear one of her designs I know that I’ve been prayed for. She prays over each package she sends out! Below is a picture of the latest monthly box I received.

Now if you love letter boards or need something new for your boards you will love these next two shops.

A Peace Of Creativity hand makes all these felt designs. They brighten any letter board and are fun to add! Each piece is so fun and usually sparkly which makes it even better! Below is a sample of some of her products I love her banners and holiday collections!

Next is Felt Good Vibes. They make the cutest letter boards. Below and above are her boards that I have. If you need any letter board or accessories this is your place to go. She has cute letters also! (Ps they also make products/apparel for letter board loving people!)

I love Shop Callie Danielle. You have to follow her on Instagram too! Every Wednesday she does wallpapers for your apple watch/ iPhone for FREE. They are so pretty and it’s so generous! She recently switched from Etsy to her own website! While I don’t have anything from her I would totally grab this tee! How fun is that? I love kindness shirts and I love this pink on pink!

Do you love leather earrings? Luna and Loki makes such fun earrings! They are so lightweight and I love that they have different sizes. I’m wearing the 1.5 inch on the left and 2.5″ on the right. Right now they are doing a fun grab bag and it’s on sale! They also do a monthly earring subscription.

The Mustard Seed Marketplace is also another favorite! I love her jewelry and apparel. These bracelets are my favorite! I love all the words/verses you can pick from. I love this shirt! It’s so soft and long! Below I’m wearing the shirt and this necklace. Her store was created to help fight human trafficking and helping families, and each item in her shop is fair trade. Products come from across the globe and some a locally made. You can read all about her mission here!

Last but certainly not least is The Happy Headband Co! I have more headbands from her than I care to admit but it makes me happy and it’s a good cause! A portion of the proceeds goes to her Bands For Books Program. She gives classrooms a lot of books for their classroom library and I think that is so generous. Below I’m wearing a tied headband on the left and the classic style on the right. Make sure to check out her whole collection it’s awesome! She usually restocks on Saturday’s and adds new prints! She makes bands for your apple watches also.

I know there are so many more small businesses and restaurants I could name! In order to support as many as we can you can list your shop or other shops you love in the comments. At a time like this it is so important to lift and support everyone. When you purchase small your money is literally going to the family and supporting them. Don’t get me wrong I love a Target trip but I feel so much better shopping from someone where I know the money is going to and how it helps.




  1. Abby, thank you so much for this kind post! I appreciate you so much and cannot wait to checkout the other fun businesses you mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this!


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