My Work Essentials

I decided to share my favorite work essentials since I’m back at school.

(I’m not a teacher so I don’t have quite all the things to share, I’m a paraprofessional and love helping the kids and teachers.) Also if you see this * after a word that means clicking that link if you make a purchase I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)

I will be sharing a few style essentials, and a few other essentials that are needed (okay maybe just wanted) for the day.

Straw (straight not bent)* // Silicone Tip* (For those first 2 items use code MermaidAbby for 10% off your purchase.) Cup* This keeps my water so cold. I still have ice cubes in it at the end of the day. The choose kind was a font my sister had used on the cricut. I don’t know the name of the font sorry!

Another essential for me are the black pants* (size 12) and rain boots*. I wear these black skinny jeggings a lot. They’re so comfy and they have an elastic waistband. I love them because I can wear them long or roll them up in the summer/spring. I also love these rain boots ( a little bit more than my hunter boots gasp I know….). I have recess duty and while I don’t stand during duty I have my medical scooter, and we don’t go out in the rain, but sometimes there are puddles on the ground. I like these style of rain boots because it’s still fashionable and you don’t have to get your shoes dirty and your feet wet.

I also love these walmart pants that are just under $14! They also have an elastic waistband but the best part is they have front functional pockets! They come in a few different colors. If I can find them in a long pant version I would be so happy!

3 words. Headband. Birkenstocks. Earrings.

I wear these so much that they have actually become kind of an essential for me. I have a few places I love to get my headbands at. I love Casual Friday’s, The Be Brand’s, and The Happy Headband Co. For my statement earrings and bracelets I get them from The Sandy Pearls. As for my Birkenstocks I have two that I love. This pair* (habana) that is pictured above and a stone color pair*. The one pictured above are my favorite Birkenstocks. They’re more expensive but they’re worth it in my opinion. They are a soft bed and have some extra cushioning in them.

I also wear lipsense a lot. It protects my lips and is a fun thing to wear. I don’t wear eyeshadow/foundation/etc so I love using lipsense it’s like liquid lipstick. If you don’t have a distributor just comment below. I don’t sell it but I can find you someone who does.

Cardigans are a must have really for any work environment. All of the sudden it can be freezing because of the blast of ac. I have two cardigans I love. I usually take one of them with me to work. I wear this grey* (xl) one a lot. Unfortunately I can’t find the exact one but this is similar. I also love wearing this fun rainbow cardigan* (large).

So that wraps up my favorite work essentials. Oh I just remembered one more thing that I love using. These gel pens* are so good. They write smooth and they replaced my flair pens.

Let me know if we have any similar work essentials. If we don’t have any similar ones let me know what your favorite essential is.



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