My Style

I thought for the 1st style post I would just go through my typical style. I like to wear whats on trend but I don’t like to break the bank. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of imagining to take whats in your closest and make it look on trend. I will admit sometimes when I really like the look or style of something I do buy it but I like to get it on sale and I love to get the look for less. For instance Target has a lot of dupes of the Steve Madden shoes. I love a look for less! I like to dress comfortable thats because I have Fibromyalgia and my skin is so sensitive. So I am pretty picky about what clothes I end up buying. There are times when I go to a store and I go to try it on and I can’t take the texture or fabric. With that being said my go to places have been Old Navy, Target, and Walmart, and Kohls. I love shopping at ll bean and lands end during a big sale event or if I have a good coupon. I also like to wear LuLaRoes leggings and dresses but those are hard to link so I will try not to talk about those as much! I included one outfit here and will try to put the links where everything is from. These are not affiliate links! If I am being totally honest I haven’t applied for like-to-know-it yet because I want to dive into this first before applying to get affiliate links! If you have any questions let me know! In the future on the style posts I plan on doing more than just one outfit and talking about my style even more. So in short I like my style to be trendy but not to break the bank and most importantly be comfortable and happy!

My necklace- was on a clearance find at walmart during the summer and I couldn’t find it online! Sorry!

My Jeans

My sweatshirt color is out of stock also {sorry} they have lots of fun colors though and old navy often restocks

I get my jewelry from the sandy pearls (she is launching her spring collection today 2/15 at 4 pm 

My headband is sold out but keep checking her store it maybe restocked there are also lots of fun ones to look at!

I will try to post more things that are in stock next time!



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