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Hi! I am 24 years old. I have some chronic illnesses and realized that I wanted to blog about my experiences for me to get them out and to raise awareness. I am so passionate about raising awareness.

After I got sick and needed a wheelchair, a walker, and a scooter. I really strayed away from posting pictures and just wore baggy comfy clothes. Recently I found a passion for fashion again. I am here to tell you it doesn’t matter if you need a medical device, if your not happy with the size, age, etc. You just have to start loving yourself and in return you will start to feel more comfortable and happier. I am now posting almost daily pictures on Instagram and I don’t give it much thought! I want to show people it is ok to have fun with clothes and accessories even if you aren’t want “society” thinks you should be. You have a voice and you matter.

I love watching Netflix and I am starting to enjoy reading again. I love blogging and helping people find clothes/accessories/etc that they like and that make them feel good. I try to spread kindness around every day. I love watching college football and basketball and I cheer on the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Big Ten! One of my favorite months of the year is March! Hello March Madness!