My Winter Favorites 2021

At some point in the season I love doing seasonal favorites or what I’m currently loving. I usually try and do this earlier in the season but here we are.

I got a new devotional! I love this bundle because it comes with a journal also. I currently write down my favorite verses from that devotional. I love how Sarah writes the devotionals. She writes them as if God is really talking to me right now and then usually has 3-4 verses at the end.

I’ve also been meaning to update my bible for a long time. I finally got the She Reads Truth Bible and I love it! I also really liked moving from NLT to CSB. I think the Christian Standard Bible is easier for me to understand. I loved the rose gold but didn’t want to wait till April to get it. I love how the champagne looks it’s like shimmery and I got my name on it too.

I got these adorable bible tabs from Callie Danielle’s shop! She designed these and it’s her handwriting! She also included some blank ones. I also love using her pencil pouch! I also use these faith inspired bookmarks! (The red one is in the Hood Feminism Book)

I love Casual Friday! Payton is literally the kindest soul who has a burning passion for God and spreading the word. She started a bible study that she writes and it’s called Go Make Disciples. I’ve been apart of it since the beginning August. Anyways it doesn’t matter where you are in your faith journey or if you want to explore your faith this is literally for all women. The support is amazing and we’ve witnessed prayers at work. I’m only on Day 5 of this months study and have already been so moved. Also check out her new Shine Bright collection!

Amy from The Sandy Pearls makes the cutest and most functional jewelry. I’ve been loving wearing these gold glitter studs! I also love wearing this combo daily! The exact bracelets I have pictured are out but here is the same style just different colors!

I also love wearing scrunchies! In the winter after a shower hair can get cold! Here are a variety of scrunchies I use overnight sometimes also. Towel Material Scrunchie (currently out of stock but check back often) Sherpa Scrunchies // Mini Satin Scrunchies

I love using this gratitude journal (comes in different patterns). I also have the matching planner (all the planners are sold out). I really like looking back on my day and writing down the events that happened I know it will be fun to read at the end of the year.

These pens are amazing and they are erasable! I love how they write and they really erase well.

These have been so helpful during the winter! This face balm is saving my ears with the masks and rubbing since I have glasses. (this comes in a 3 pack)

This face moisturizer has been amazing. I always have dry patches and flakes on my face especially during the winter. This is helping those go away and makes my face feel so much better. I have really sensitive skin and this doesn’t bother it. (I was sent this product by Influenster in exchange for an honest review) #complimentary

I also love this waterless cleansing foam it’s like dry shampoo but better. It has helped my hair a lot. It also lasts a really long time and they have different scents and what the product does.

I also love using this for my curls! It has helped my hair so much! It gives it shine and strengthens my hair. I have naturally curly hair so this doesn’t really give me curls it just helps them not get so frizzy.

This book Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot By: Mikki Kendall is an uncomfortable but powerful book. I highly recommend it to anyone. I also really recommend it to white people who are on the journey to being anti-racist. I’ve learned a lot and I’m only 100 pages in so far. Also join in the book study on Instagram it’s run by Shivaun Elizabeth (follow her on IG) the book study and discussion is on the page she runs named Black Girl Voices.

Let me know if you use any of these things I mentioned in this blog post! Also some of these links are affiliate links meaning if you click on a link and purchase something on a web browser not the app I may earn a small commission which is greatly appreciated. I also mentioned a few small businesses.

If you could get one of the things I mentioned in this blog post for free what would you choose?



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