New Beginnings & Brighter Days Ahead

I shared this on social media Tuesday night January 19 which was the day before Inauguration. I wanted to share on my blog too.

“We rise by lifting others” ⁣

Such a short quote but packed with powerful words. As we head into tomorrow I pray for peace and kindness tomorrow. ⁣

America is so divided right now and it’s been divided for awhile. ⁣

Tomorrow I pray for peaceful transition. ⁣

I know some are upset about tomorrow and some like me are very much looking forward to a new President. ⁣

I’m ready for a President to denounce white supremacy and one who along with the VP will work hard to make Black Lives Matter. ⁣

Am I saying all our problems will be fixed miraculously? ⁣

No ⁣

Will there be things that Biden & Harris do that I won’t agree with? ⁣

Yes certainly ⁣

Am I excited that there is a WOMAN in the white house as a VP? Not to mention she is the first Black & Asian American elected to the 2nd highest position? ⁣


I know that tomorrow racism won’t just end we have systemic racism it’s going to take a long time. I also know that the pandemic won’t be magically over tomorrow. ⁣

I have hope for better days. ⁣

I have hope that America won’t be as scary everyday for Black people in the next 4 years. I have hope about this vaccine and getting it out faster. ⁣

I have hope. ⁣

We need to be aware that tomorrow will be many different emotions. ⁣

Was I thrilled 4 years ago? Honestly no but I didn’t name call or do anything of that sorts. You can still be kind please be respectful of peoples feelings tomorrow. ⁣

Some will be scared and some will be rightfully excited just like 4 years ago. ⁣

So friends please remember that we are stronger TOGETHER! ⁣

And friends some big encouragement today as I watching an old bible study class Payton from @casual.fri said it best. ⁣

“Everyday we are closer to heaven – heaven is closer to us everyday. We should be doing everything FOR HIM – IN HIM – THROUGH HIM. To better the kingdom.” ⁣

This world is so temporary and thank goodness I don’t have to call this my permanent home. Please remember to better the Kingdom and make heaven crowded let’s not get Satan what he wants for more fighting to come. ⁣

I pray that we can love each other – no matter your skin color – no matter who you love – ⁣



I know bloggers / social media influencers / etc don’t often talk about politics and that’s ok at times but I’ve learned sometimes being silent isn’t always an option. For me personally I realized that I have this platform and I don’t want to be silent. My page is focusing on awareness and advocating it’s mostly about chronic illness but I will always raise awareness on important topics. This spring/summer I learned a lot. I am learning how to be better and on the journey to be Anti-Racist. I’m aware that my white privilege has caused me to not realize things and everyday I’m continuing to learn and unlearn things. Black Lives Matter and I can’t be silent about it and this isn’t something to debate either. This isn’t political and it shouldn’t be this is a human rights issue. After the domestic terrorism that happened at the Capitol on January 6 I’ve been fairly vocal on Instagram. We all know the situation at the Capitol would’ve been completely different if they were Black and that shouldn’t be the case at all. I know racism isn’t going to magically go away tomorrow this is something that we have to work at each day.

America lets be better and love each other and be kind.

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