New Logo

You may have noticed I made a new logo again. I loved the tie-dye but it didn’t feel on brand for me. Let’s take a look back at memory lane at the logos I have created and had.

Here was my first logo! It’s not my handwriting at all I used the text fonts on pic collage. I painted the background and that was it. I loved these colors. I knew purple was for Fibromyalgia the other colors I just picked because I liked them.

Then I got my new iPad and wanted to really create my own logo. I went with the same color scheme. I love tie-dye this just wasn’t personally my best and I didn’t feel like it was a good fit after a few months of using it.

Here we are today. I love that it’s a little bit not all straight because when you come here things aren’t perfect and I don’t pretend to be perfect. I’ve been working hard on learning all the things in procreate. This was done entirely by myself like the tie-dye. I put a lot of thought into this one. I even went to Instagram to see which logo design everyone liked and this was by far the majority. It was the same design I just lettered differently and one had some glitter.

I’ve always loved rainbows. I think the promise God has is really powerful and neat. I also think the science behind a rainbow is important. Most importantly rainbows have been really significant for me the last few years. I’m not sure I’ve talked much about why.

I’ve experienced quite a few hardships in life. From unexpectedly losing my Dad to a very rare cardiomyopathy and dealing with finding him to getting sick and losing some independence. It seems things just keep piling on. Last fall I was battling severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

Whatever the “storm” I experience I come out with a new perspective or something in me changed. The days seem brighter. I personally don’t believe God gives us only what we can handle. I don’t believe that God would specifically choose all these bad things to happen to me. He however helped me through these storms and come out from the storm.

The colors I chose in the rainbow hold quite a bit of significance.

Pink- Well I just really like pink okay? 🙂

Yellow- Suicide Prevention Awareness

Teal- Dysautonomia/ POTS Awareness

Purple- Fibromyalgia Awareness

Green- Depression Awareness

Blue- Chronic Pain Awareness & Loss Of A Father

All of those colors represent part of my story. They were my storms but I’ve gotten through them all because of my faith and my family and friends and this community.



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