My Work Looks For Fall

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Hi! I know we all have different jobs and you maybe able to dress more casually or have to dress up. Either way these outfits should work for a majority of you.

I am a paraprofessional in an elementary school. With having multiple chronic illnesses and being sensitive to materials I usually wear things a bit looser.

I also am a big fan of pants with some stretch or an elastic waistband. Dealing with significant bloating fitting pants just aren’t a good mix.

Sweatshirt (xl) *my sister used her cricut to design it // Jeans (14) // Shoes (7) // Rain Jacket (1x)

On Wednesday’s we wear red to show our support for public education. In the fall a rain jacket is pretty much a must in Indiana. I love this new one from Walmart. I sized up 1-2 sizes and I love it. It’s long and the waist is adjustable. The hood has drawstrings to fit your head perfect! It’s warm but not to warm either.

Similar Long Sleeve (xxl) // Jeggings (xl) // Socks // Similar Boots (7) // Similar Poncho (one size or large)

In the fall for work I usually go for layers. I run cold at school. Also just a tip for styling long socks I folded them down halfway so then it also creates more of a statement. I also sized up in the jeggings especially for work. They just fit a bit looser and look like pants when you size them up. You don’t want them to be really tight. This way you don’t have to wear tunic shirts because they truly don’t look like leggings. They also have real butt pockets.

Similar Shirt (xl) // Jeggings (xl) // Booties (7) // Similar Vest (1x) // Similar Earrings

If you’re scared to add color it’s ok! I just tie everything together. I had rust colored pants so I paired my rust earrings with that. Then I added the white boots since my shirt is white. Olive really goes with so much. I was a bit out of my comfort zone because I didn’t want to look like a literal pumpkin. I love how it all came together.

Shirt (xxl) // Similar Overalls (xl) // Shoes (7)

Don’t be scared to wear overalls to work. I love these overalls and hope Walmart comes back with them. They are soft meaning they aren’t stiff. They are adjustable which I love. If you’re a teacher or someone who is on the move a lot add a pair of slip on shoes or platform sneakers.

Similar Shirt (xl) // Headband (I have thick which is sold out thin/tie is in stock) // Cardigan (m/l that’s sold out but s/m is available) // Similar Shoes (7) // Jeggings (xl)

This was a lot of oranges and browns. I tied it all together though and I liked how it came together. Depending on your dress code don’t stray away from t-shirts. You can really dress them up. I like to wear graphic shirts with messages on it related to school and pumping the kids up! I may add a fun statement necklace. I usually also pair it with a little dressier shoes and earrings.

Shirt (xl) // Similar Pants (xl) // Shoes (Youth 5)

A good button up is essential to your work wardrobe. You can wear this by itself, or you can put it under a sweater and roll the sleeves over the sweater and pop the collar over the sweater. I especially love this because the colors were perfect for fall and it was definitely great work attire. I wouldn’t recommend wearing yoga pants though. That’s just what I had on that day for try ons.

Similar Dress (xl) // Similar Vest (1x) // Shoes (9) // Similar Headband

A dress is such a great staple for work. Perfect if you hit snooze one too many times. It’s easy and on the go. Just add a fun headband and a vest or long sleeve and it looks great for work.

Shirt (xl) // Similar Cardigan (xl) // Similar Pants (large) // Similar Booties (7) // Similar Earrings // Hat

I used to be scared of v-necks especially for work. Just add a tank underneath if you feel uncomfortable. It really depends on what you do too. I love these from Target because you can really dress them up and the v isn’t too low. Also soft jogger pants are amazing for work. These are like a silk feel almost and I love it because they are so comfortable but so dressy.

I hope this helps you give some ideas of what to wear to work during the fall. I apologize if you’re in a really formal workplace because I don’t have too many options for that.



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