Weekly Glance September 27- October 3

This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something through that link on the web not the app at no extra cost to you I may earn a small commission

September 29

Shirt (xxl) // Pants (xl) // Similar Rain Boots (6) // Similar Cardigan (large)

September 30

Sweatshirt (xl) *my sister used her cricut to design it // Jeans (14) // Shoes (7) // Rain Jacket (1x)

October 1

Shirt (xl) // Similar Pants (xl) // Similar Shoes (7)

October 2

Similar Overalls (xl) // Shirt (xxl) // Shoes (7)

October 3

Similar Bible // Join November’s Bible Study (this month is already closed) // Similar Desk // Rae Dunn Pencil Holders (I got mine at Marshalls, TJ Maxx , and Home Goods // Mini Lite Brite

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