Fall Trends For 2020

If you’re like me you might be dreaming of fall fashion and cooler temps. I thought I would share some of the things I’m noticing that will be popular for this fall. I’m even sharing what the color trends are! So make yourself a pumpkin chai or pumpkin spice latte and light your favorite fall candle. Let’s dig in!

First up these colors are the fall and winter trends for 2020. I’ve already been seeing a lot of this color on clothes and in home decor. I love the colors!

(I didn’t make the colors I just drew this)

I’ve seen a lot of clothes with color combos from this. The color block sweaters and cardigans will also be very trendy this year. I’ve seen some from Target that are more vibrant so that’s a fun twist too.

Based on how big tie-dye got I’m thinking it will still be on trend. I’m thinking that they might change the colors a bit and make them more fall colors instead of the bright rainbow ones.

The pointed toe booties with a heel will be everywhere. I’m currently on the hunt for a pair that doesn’t have too much of a heel. Sometimes when I like a shoe trend I can look in the kids section because they have the hot item but if it contains a heel it’s usually much lower in the kids. Which is a win win for me! Cheaper too! These aren’t kids size but these are the ones I’ve been eyeing.

Leopard will still be making the statements again. I’ve noticed the prints are getting a bit bigger instead of the small leopard print. Personally I don’t think leopard is ever going to go out of style.

I think blazers are also going to be a really big statement piece. I personally love the relaxed fit more. I love this one from Old Navy and it looks comfortable.

I also love the trends of fall decor. It looks like mustard and rust and red are really popular in the fall throws and pillows. I want to get a nice throw and pillow for my chair. Also I stumbled up on this cute pumpkin you can pre-order!

I think that the headbands in a variety of styles will also still be on trend. For the earrings I’ve noticed a lot of natural tones and clay earrings. Felt hats will also be really big this year again.

I think overall the fall trends will be great! I’m leaving some out and I don’t know what all the trends will officially be. My overall thinking is that this fall will be mostly beautiful tones and colors you think of when you think fall just like the leaves. Red and orange and yellow.

I’m looking forward to getting a blazer and some new booties at some point this fall. What’s something you can’t wait for?

Happy Fall Friends!



Here are some of my favorite things about fall

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