Back To School Shopping 2020

This school year looks different for everyone. Here are some of my back to school picks. I’m a paraprofessional so I got a few things I use often. I’m also sharing my favorite first day of school outfit!

(These links are affiliate links meaning if you click that link and purchase something on the web not the app I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you thanks)


Water Bottle // Similar Nail Polish // Sweatshirt (xl)

I love this water bottle! I have a tumbler and it keeps my drinks cold for a long time. Due to COVID I didn’t really want my water to be open all day. I love that I can close this off! I have a lot of stickers I can add to this! I always love to paint my nails a fun bright color before school starts. I saw this holographic mermaid and thought it looked like something I needed. It turned out really pretty! I also have heard great things about this sweatshirt that reminds people of the Aerie desert sweatshirt. It’s so soft and comes in a lot of colors. It’s under $15. I love this orange/rust for fall.


Notebook (left) // Folder // Notebook (right)

I like to take notes or jot anything down throughout the day. These were so cute so I got one for home and one for school. I also like a new folder for each year so I can keep everything organized.


Pencils // Markers

These are hands down my favorite pencils and I got some markers so I have those on hand. I wanted to get some of my own supplies for school especially this year. I sometimes put fun washi tape at the top so I can tell the difference between mine and the kiddos.


Similar Hand Sanitizer

I always have one of these for the school year and I leave it in my front scooter basket. I especially needed one this year. I like that this is pretty much unscented and you don’t have to remove or open a lid.



This is kind of random I know but I just had to share. I’ve been using natural deodorant for a few years. I was using Schmidt’s Rose and Vanilla but recently I had allergic reactions to it and it burned. I love how this goes on and it hasn’t irritated me at all and smells so fresh.

Similar Shirt #ad (xl) // Similar Pants (large) // Shoes (then I painted them) // Similar Headband // Similar Earrings

This is usually what my first day of school outfit looks like. I throw on some fun accessories and my first day of school shirt!

If you want some more outfit ideas check out my blog post from last year! You can find several back to school outfits.

I wish you a great school year!



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