Shopping & Eating Gluten Free

I’ve been battling stomach pain for a year now. I’ve had many tests run and a procedure. I was tested for celiac disease by an endoscopy and 2 blood tests. Those came back negative. My allergist isn’t sure why my reaction to gluten is so strong.

I break out into a rash and get a horrible headache. My stomach bloats and hurts like crazy and some other stuff. My allergist told me to just stop eating gluten since it’s causing problems. I’ve noticed a big difference going gluten free. Also the food tastes so much more flavorful and good then regular food. I’m pretty picky though. I don’t like the grain texture and I have had pizza and bread that tastes horrible.

We’ve been trying to figure out what other foods are causing these reactions and the stomach bloating. We found out I’m allergic to latex. There are certain foods that your body mistakes for latex so you have an allergic reaction. It’s quite a few mostly fruits and also some fragrances. Anyways I’ll do a blog post later on working with more allergy free food.

My top three favorite stores to get gluten free stuff is Aldi’s, Kroger, and Walmart. Plus these all have pickup options right now during COVID. Online grocery is a lot easier because you can usually just click gluten free.

Aldi’s is definitely the most organized and their stuff tastes good. They have a section just dedicated to gluten free. The frozen stuff is sprinkled throughout as well as some of the snacks. I’ve picked a few of my favorite things to show you from Aldi’s.

Cheese Pizza (they have pep. too which is good)
These are similar to Hot Pockets
The Living G Free is Aldi’s Brand
I’ve tried both and they are good My favorite is the fruit
So good.
I haven’t tried these yet

These all taste so good and are so easy to pop in the microwave or the oven. I haven’t made the vanilla mix but there stuff is good. I’ve had their brownie mix it’s more gooey so just be aware of that. We like to put in some m & ms. They also have gf granola now and it’s so good! I’ve been eating the honey and almond. I eat it with vanilla yogurt and add some blueberries.

The gluten free all purpose is from Kroger I believe. The bisquick you can get also. At Kroger it can be easier to find the gluten free stuff also. On the shelves they have a sticker that says GF by the price so you can quickly scan and find the items faster.

So good!

I really like the Lance’s brand at Walmart. Walmart is a little trickier to find gluten free stuff because it’s spread throughout but that may work better for you. Their crackers are so good! If you’re looking something similar to ritz crackers the baked original would be the one to get.


I also love Costco. I’ve always loved their chips. The almond flour crackers are so good! I can’t wait to try the frittatas soon!


Also I love Qdoba because you can customize things.


This is the flour we loved to use! We either got it at Meijer or Kroger.

So I hope this helps and gives you some things to try! I can share my favorite pinterest meals soon!



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