10 Things To Do This Summer At Home

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(doodled by me)

I’ve been having some rough times knowing what to do with all this “free” time and no plans to go anywhere. This week is when our fair would’ve started we have a huge county fair. It’s so weird to not have that during the summer but it wouldn’t have been safe for anyone. I’m sure there are many things you’re looking back on big events that have been cancelled this year.

So I’m making the most out of the last few weeks of summer. I know some of these are general things most people do but I tried to add a creative twist to it. As always enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice. Sit on a porch and watch a storm come in and leave your electronics inside just find God in the silence.

You can bake things you usually don’t have time for or try new recipes. You can celebrate Christmas in July and cook your favorite Christmas goodies. You can online shop (just be smart about it). I have created a lot of wish lists just for fun it’s like window shopping! There is always the chances to work in a garden or plant some flowers. Play outdoor games. You know the usual stuff.

Everything I’m putting on this blog I tried to use things you might already have and if not something you can easily order online.

The sticker by numbers books are so fun! I love this stress free one! I love this good vibes one especially if you need some positive vibes. I love using these gel pens now to color. For all the 90s kids out there I found a Lisa Frank coloring book! Oh the memories!

With all this extra time I’m trying to practice my lettering more! This one is a great one to start! I love it so far! I love using Tombow brush pens.

I’ve also been learning a lot from Hipster Art Teacher (give her a follow on Instagram) She goes live on Instagram every Thursday right now and leaves them up for replay on her IGTV! You can do it on paper and or your iPad using the app procreate. You can buy guides and tips for each lesson here. They only cost $1. The worksheet isn’t required but it is helpful. I love using crayola markers to letter which is something I learned from Chelsey and I love it.

I have been learning so much from Callie Danielle (give her a follow on IG too)! She has created classes for Procreate (I got the bundle to save some money). I’m learning how to do things like make glitter and so much more. If you’re interested in the iPad this is the model I have (I have mine through Verizon). I also have this apple pencil. I have my pencil cover from Callie too. Procreate is about $10 I think.

I’ve been even more intentional about doing devotions and bible studies. I’m loving this Hymns study. I also love the devotion book Jesus Calling I’ve had it for years and I love it. My bible is a teen bible so I’m linking the updated version. Here is a women’s adult bible that I keep hearing great things about.

I’m trying to learn more about being anti-racist. I want to help and more importantly I want to listen. I know I will never understand but I can listen and help take action because Black Lives Matter. I learned from Jess Massey (give her a follow on IG too) that you should schedule pd (personal development) into your daily schedule. So that’s when I am reading White Fragility by Robin Diangelo.

Hallmark is having their Christmas movies run as a part of Christmas in July. I think it ends this Sunday on the 26th. You can find Christmas movies on any streaming services too if you don’t have Hallmark or want to continue watching Christmas movies. I had some of this sugar cookie popcorn leftover from Christmas so I enjoyed that. Just something fun and different to do. I almost made sugar cookies.

I love sitting out in this pool. I sometimes read or just cool off. This exact one seems to be out of stock everywhere so I’m linking a cheaper one and one that’s very similar. If you don’t have a pool you can use a sprinkler or just have fun with the hose or enjoy some water balloons. Wash the car so many ways to cool off.

I can’t link everything here but I painted my nails in rainbow order because why not! Do something fun with your nails.

We love going to our local ice cream place! The line is outside and everyone social distances. Sometimes when I need to get out of the house Mom takes us for a drive through the country. It’s amazing what changing a scenery does for you.

A few more ideas to try you can enjoy a movie day or tv series! Pull the blinds or shut the curtains and pretend you’re at the movie theatre. Also we do pizza on Friday nights. When I was younger Mom and Dad would make a picnic in the living room for us. We loved picnic nights! We put a blanket in the middle of the living room and ate on that. We sometimes had a movie playing too!

So I hope this brings you some new ideas! Feel free to comment your ideas below! I love hearing from you!



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