My Room Makeover

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I will say it feels a bit weird to be showing you all before and afters of my room but here I am. Maybe this will help give you some ideas also. If you need a more accessible room I hope this helps give you some guidance. Also for reference I have the master suite in the house. Since the bathroom was connected to the room we decided the master would be better suited for me.

I’ve been afters. wanting to make my room more accessible. My closet also needed to be re-done. Since we’ve been home because of COVID-19 I had time to re-do my room (with the help from my mom and sister). I’ll be sharing the before and afters. I forgot to take more before pictures so I pulled the ones I took during Christmas.

Also I won’t be able to link everything but most of where everything came from is IKEA, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart.

L- Before R- After

So I changed my bed around so I could access the light switch better. To help you picture the before and after better the pineapple and kindness picture didn’t change on the wall. How I have my bed now makes it so I don’t even have to get out of bed to turn on or off my light. Moving it this way also opened up my room a lot. The signs behind my bed a majority I painted and one was made for me. A few were store bought. My quilt is from Target. I have my body pillow cover from Walmart. It matches my room perfectly. I love my body pillow it’s an allerease so it’s perfect for those that struggle with allergies. I like it because I was able to turn this into a daybed and the support is perfect. I’ve noticed it’s kept it’s shape really well also.

L- Before R- After

I was able to move my reading nook to a more open space that I use so much more. Also if you haven’t read the book Standing Tall by C. Vivian Stringer. If you’re a basketball fan you will love this and she talks about racism and the things she has had to deal with. Anyways I have two pink pillowcases that are satin but they make such a difference for my hair and skin! I got this fun leopard one at Walmart.

L- Before R- After

I had a cubicle here before. I moved my desk over here and my IKEA storage unit. I got the rose gold dot storage cubes from Target. They are huge and fit perfectly in this shelf.

L- Before R- After

I love how I changed this. This maybe my favorite part of the room. I moved my desk to the front of the room for two reasons. I can look directly out the window, and I have it separate from my bed. I was able to get this power recliner at Home Depot on a super good sale unfortunately it was just discontinued. I love it. It’s a wall hugger so it only has to be 4” away from the wall and it’s a power recliner. It reclines all the way so if I’m having a rough night or different pains I can sleep in this and it works great! . I love having a place I can read or do my devotions. I can’t wait to watch some sports and Iowa games especially. The recliner is from the brand ProLounger. I couldn’t find anything similar to this chair. There are a lot of power recliners that are wall huggers. I did a lot of online browsing.

L- Before R- After

So as you can see by moving my bed I have a lot more open space which allows me to use my walker more and my wheelchair if I’m having a rough day. In both pictures the lights I have I made the tassels using fabric. The Christmas ones I used burlap. My cubicle is from Walmart. My desk is from Target it’s about 5 years old so I found a similar one. I turned this cubicle sort of diagonally under my desk so I can elevate my legs when I’m at my desk and it provides even more storage.

L- Before R- After

I wanted to make my bathroom even more accessible. I was able to get rid of my cart. We had some leftover shelving from my closet and we decided to add it to the wall to get more storage. My shower is a walk in. I have some rails in the bathroom to help me. My bathroom is completely ADA complaint and accessible. On a side note they designed my bathroom so that if someday I’m in my wheelchair more I can do a complete turn without bumping into anything. They also curved the part of my countertop so I wouldn’t bump into it. There are so many things in this house that I never would’ve thought would make a difference but they do!

L- Before R- After

It’s not completely done because I want to make it look a little nicer but it’s made life much easier.

L- Before R- After

I know it make a look a bit messier on the after but it’s much more easier to access. Since I needed an accessible bathroom I don’t have a lot of storage since the area below my sink is open. It’s open so I can take my walker or wheelchair right under. I added shelves from Menard’s that really matched my countertop. Many of the storage/decorative things I got from Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree! Since I added the shelf above my mirror I was able to put my towels up there which meant I could get rid of the cube under the sink.

L- Before R- After

I was so thankful to finally have my closet re-done. Thanks to the stimulus check I was able to make this happen. Menard’s has a thing through ClosetMaid to design a custom closet please note it’s unavailable right now. I’m guessing it’s due to COVID so if this is something you want keep checking back! It only costs $5. You have to give them the measurements of your closet. They give you 2 designs and you can have them re-design it once with no extra fees. I didn’t have them re-do it because I loved this option. We decided to change it a little bit and add more shoe racks. Also if you go this route they send you the shopping list and the item numbers and how much of what you need. Thanks so much to my Mom and sister for putting together this closet! There is some diy you have to do. They had to cut the wire shelves to certain dimensions which took work. It took about a week for us because we did a little bit each day because it requires a lot of work and time. I would recommend this to anyone but make sure you have someone who can put it together. You can have them come in and put it together but that gets expensive quickly. I love that I have top and bottom storage. I cut the liner and put that on top of the bottom shelf. It made laying my t-shirts there much easier.

So this is the sides of my closet. I should’ve organized my shorts better before I took this picture. Anyways it’s so nice because I’m able to have all of my clothes and shoes in my closet so changing seasons will be so much easier. The things on top are basically thick winter jackets and Christmas things. I love my shoe shelf! I also have a little closet rod on both sides. On the left side I have my dresses and rompers and the right side is where my cardigans are.

ClosetMaid Design

So this is the design they sent me. As you can see we re-did some things.

I love that I was able to make this whole space easier for me to use. I’m forever grateful for our Blessing House. I have so much more independence in our new house.

It was a lot of work but I did a lot in little bits. I didn’t move heavy furniture because I can’t. My Mom and sister were major helpers. I really organized things in my room. It took me about a month for it to be completely done. I was on steroids also during this time so I had a bit more strength and energy.

What was your favorite before and after? Let me know in the comments below!



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