My Summer Favorites For 2020

I’m sharing some of my summer favorites for 2020! I did forget to add in my sunscreen and sunless tanner! Also please note that this post contains affiliate links meaning if you click something and make a purchase on the web browser not an app I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

(Image created by me)

I love this tie-dye apple watch band I got on Jane!

I love using this sunscreen! I will say it takes awhile to rub in because it’s zinc oxide with no chemicals. My allergist wants me on this kind because it blocks the uv rays and I use it for indoor lights because I have photosensitivity. I haven’t gotten a burn or reaction when I put this on.

I’m loving these green shorts! I love the zipper pocket and they are so stretchy! I want to get some more in different colors. I’m wearing a large.

I’ve gotten so much use from the sandals. They look similar to the Tory Burch Miller Sandals. They are comfy and I love all the colors it comes in. I have the tan and I sized up to a 7.

As we all know it gets super hot and humid in the summer so I always love a good cute scrunchie! This exact one isn’t available but she has a lot of super cute ones on her website and she restocks often!

I love these ponytail holders! They don’t hurt your hair and I have the kids version because they were skinnier and worked better for my hair and how fun are those pastel colors?

My lips get so dry in the summer and I love this Roseberry shade from Lipsense. You can go to the website and find a consultant near you!

I ventured out to Hobby Lobby last month and found this super fun rainbow cup! I use it so much! It’s a bigger cup and it’s not insulated or anything but my ice cubes don’t seem to melt as fast. It’s plastic so you don’t need to worry about it breaking! (found a similar cup to link)

These exact earrings are sold out but Amy made very similar ones! They are lightweight and make any summer outfit more fun!

I have the new iPad (7th generation). I’ve been loving using the app Procreate! My pencil wrap is from Callie Danielle! I take classes from Callie Danielle to learn how to use Procreate better! I also learned how to make tie-dye on Procreate from Chelsey! She goes live on IGTV on Thursday’s. You can get her cheat sheets and practice sheets that go with the lessons.

I also love ice cream in the summer but I didn’t grab a picture of that!

What is your favorite thing to have for summer this year?



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