Black Owned Shops On Etsy

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know my passion for supporting small businesses. If you’re new around here welcome!

I haven’t blogged in a little over a month. My mind and heart weren’t focused on my blog which is ok. My mind and heart were where they needed to be. I’ve been listening and learning and reading about Black lives and what I can do to help change myself and take action as a white person. I hope you are doing the same or starting to make changes. It isn’t enough for me to say I’m not racist. I’m anti-racist. I will continue learning and listening.

As I took last month to reflect and learn I realized how much was lacking on my blog and I needed to fix it moving forward. I want to feature some guest bloggers who are Black and also people of color and talk more about Black owned businesses. So I thought it was fitting to start off with Etsy and these are all Black owned shops! I’m providing a list of a variety of products!

Remember if you don’t have money right now to support by buying things follow these shops on social media outlets and give them a shoutout you can support in so many ways!

Also these are all affiliate links meaning if you click a link and make a purchase I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. #ad #advertisment

Bath & Body Products

Whipped Shea Butter– I love using lotion and this looks so soft! I love all the different scents it comes in and it also comes in a fragrance free option! There are also 2 different sizes!

Whipped Shea Butter Triple Blend– Here is another option for shea butter!

Set of 3 Shower Steamers– I’ve never used these but I have always wanted to give them a try! This would also make a great gift to send to your friend during quarantine!


Chakra Candles– I love using candles and these seem amazing. They have great reviews too!

Soy Wax Candle– I love having cleaner ingredients around and this is perfect! It’s made with soy and essential oils! Check out all the other candles available!

Sample Soy Wax Melts – I love sampling wax melts before I buy a big size! I love the fact that they have this option and you can get a variety of samples at such an amazing price!

Lip Balm– One can never have too many chapsticks! I love that this is all natural ingredients. The reviews are very good! I think I will give the lavender one a try!

Bath Salts– What a great treat yourself or treat your friend! I love the fun colors and the design is so cute!


Justice For George Floyd Friendship Bracelet– I love the design of this and the colors in it and what it stands for.

Face Masks- In case you want so more face masks! If you buy one they donate one! She also has kid sizes!

Keychain– This flower resin keychain is so pretty! Make sure to check out her entire store there are so many cute things!

Wrap Headband– I love all the fun printed designs!

Scrunchies/Face Masks/ Face Cotton Scrubber – I love these items and they are so cute! Such a fun shop to support!

Journals/Desk Supplies

Journal– I love how fun and cute the covers are. My sister ordered one of these and the quality and packaging was so good!

Cash Envelopes– I think these are perfect for traveling and saving money! They are so much cuter than a plain envelope maybe it will make saving money easier? 🙂

Stationery– I’m obsessed with everything in this shop! From cards to stickers to magnets it’s your perfect place to shop for gifts and for yourself!


Embroidery DIY Kit– These are all so cute and since we have so much time during this quarantine this is the perfect activity!

I hope you also found some new and fun shops! You can favorite this so you can easily access it!



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