My Spring Finds At Walmart


These try-ons were from March 7 which was the weekend before everything got shut down if I’m remembering correctly. I realized I never shared my try-ons from there! Some of these maybe out of stock or low and I apologize for that but you can get some style inspiration also!

If you see this * after an item that means if you click that link and make a purchase through that link on a web browser not the app I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s greatly appreciated thanks 🙂

I have a pair like these from last year and they are so comfy and the price is great! I love the new spring/summer colors they released.

These shoes are a great dupe for the adidas ones. I usually wear a 6-6.5 and I believe I tried a 6.5 and it was snug. They are lightweight and are so cute to style with.

These are girls sandals. I got them in a size 5 and they have a little room which I like. I got them in the rose gold color and they are so comfy! I can’t wait to wear them soon!

This style has been really popular I personally didn’t like the way these fit and you can see my toes are hidden. They also didn’t seem to be overly comfortable or supportive.

Shirt* (xl) // Cardigan* (xl)

I love this super soft shirt! I ended up getting another one in a different color way! This white isn’t see through so you don’t have to worry about wearing a tank top underneath really. This cardigan was a little big but I liked it. So comfortable and lightweight and comes in a variety of colors.

Sweater* (xl or xxl)

I love the color of this and the look but I didn’t like the feel of this sweater at all. It was a little rough and itchy but I’m really sensitive to materials so it might not bother you! The colors are great for spring and now heading into summer for those cool summer nights!

Shirt* (xl)

I love this! It has a knotted detail in the front so you don’t have to worry about doing a cute knot because it’s there! This comes in different colors also. I’ve worn this so much already.

This is a bit big but keep in mind it’s supposed to be and it is also junior sizing. They didn’t have an xl so I couldn’t compare. I love the fun tie-dye print on the sleeves. I couldn’t find this exact one online but found a similar jacket!

Shirt* (xl) // Pants* (14)

This shirt was really soft and cozy and I love the balloon sleeve details on it. The pants I wasn’t a huge fan of. I sized up to a 14 and it fit snug a little bit. They were comfy and they are cute to style! I am 5’2.

Shirt* (xl)

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this top but I loved it! The color is so pretty and the fabric didn’t really bother me. It was lightweight and would be perfect for some cool summer night bonfires.

I can’t wait to look at their summer stuff more which I will probably be doing next month maybe online ordering.



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