How I Keep Busy At Home

These times are very different. I’m going to show you some things that I’ve been doing to keep busy during this quarantine. It’s also ok to have rest and relax movie days!

I’ve been really trying to stick to good skincare routine since being home. I love this mask from SeneGence. I don’t sell it but I can give you the info on who I get it from. I use this twice a week. I also have been using it if I went somewhere and had to use a mask. It detoxes my skin and leaves it feeling so refreshed.

I love using these eye masks they are so cooling and I do see a difference with my puffiness.

This sunless tanner is amazing! It looks so natural and there isn’t really a smell and it’s been working great for me and my sensitive skin. I’m not orange and I put on the 2nd coat this week and it looks so natural! It’s around $30 and will last a while! I don’t/can’t tan anymore since being sick and having photosensitivity. This has boosted my confidence and made me feel so much happier! I can get the tan without harsh chemicals and the uv rays! If you would like more information let me know and I will direct you to the person who I buy it from.

Here is a similar lip scrub. I have never even heard of these lip exfoliator tools. I was looking for a scrub and this popped up on amazon. It feels so good and truly exfoliates. It’s been helping I do this twice a week with my lip scrub.

The Sandy Pearls has been doing virtual creative workshops once a month! They are so fun this is a set I made from the Mother’s Day collection. She has different options and price points. Make sure to sign up for e-mails here (scroll down all the way) and you will get notified when the next kits go on sale. She often has a bestie and me kit, a mommy and me, a set of 3 and maybe another set? Anyways it’s really fun and they send you all the supplies needed you just need scissors and a permanent marker. Once you buy the kit you get put into a private facebook group and she goes live and you can make the bracelets as she is talking! It’s so fun! Some people have done the bestie kit and they face-timed each other so it felt more like they were making it together.

I participated in this bible study and it has been so good! This is the study guide that you do along with the DVDS. I participated in an online bible study and that was really fun! You can also read her book Rhythms Of Renewal which is full of such good advice. My relationship with God has been getting a lot stronger since reading this!

I saw this on Tik Tok after an influencer Hello Happy Mom! You can follow her on Instagram here It’s the smallest lite brite! As a kid I remember playing with the original one! This has little pegs and lights up and it has the little stencils you can follow! On the back you can store the extra pegs mine are still in a bag because I discovered this as I was taking the pictures for this blog post! It comes with the battery all ready to go!

I love having some time to color and get some done! This one looked so fun and summery! I love pineapples but hate the taste (I know it’s silly). It’s such a great stress reliever too!

I’ve also re-done my room and we’re working on my closet now! It’s fun to do some home projects now because it’s fresh and new to change something and most of us have the extra time right now. I’ll share the pictures when it’s all done if that’s something you’d be interested in!

We have been loving just driving through the country. It’s fun to just watch the animals and drive with the windows down. It’s almost an escape from reality. No face masks and you can’t get close to anyone. These are weird times so I try and find the good in everyday. Somedays I cry and somedays I think I had the best day. The most important thing is to be kind and gracious to yourself and others.

What are your favorite ways to keep busy right now? I also love to bake!



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