Weekly Glance May 17-23

If you see this * anywhere on this blog post that indicates that if you purchase something through that link on the web not the app at no extra cost to you I may earn a small commission

May 17

Similar Shirt* (large) // Similar Shorts* (large) // Shoes*

May 18

Shirt (xl) // Similar Shorts* (large) // Similar Earrings

The newest addition to our home! It’s Ellie’s dog but we all get to love on Daisy Mae!

May 18
May 19

Similar Dress* (xl) // Similar Jean Jacket* (xl) // Shoes* // Similar Headband // Similar Earrings

May 21

Shirt* (xl) // Similar Jeggings* (12) // Similar Shoes* // Similar Earrings

May 22

Shirt* (large) // Bike Shorts* (xl)

May 23

Similar Shirt* (xl) // Similar Shorts* (large) // Hair Chalk Pens

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