Easter Outfit Ideas

(If you see this * after an item that means if you click on that link and purchase something through the web (not on an app) I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you)

I feel like I need to say HI! I’ve been sick with what my doctor highly suspects is COVID-19. I’m doing much better today Day 19. I was lucky to be at home the whole time. I didn’t have a test to confirm it because our county is so behind and backlogged. Anyways that’s where I’ve been the past two weeks in bed. I missed writing blog posts so it feels good to be “back”.

I know this Easter is weird in these uncertain times. I did a few polls on Instagram and the majority voted for some casual outfits and some dressier options. I linked things but please know I’m not telling you to go to the store. I tried to pick things that we have in our closets. Of course you do what you want! You can even shop online! Just please stay safe!

Similar Dress* (Large)

Target is sold out of this dress online! I love this one because it feels like a sweatshirt and has fun spring colors in it. You can dress this up or down.

Similar Shirt* (xl) // Pants* (xl) // Sandals*

This was my Easter outfit last year. You can take any wide leg pants and add a fun shirt to dress it up a little or if you have a cute graphic t-shirt. Add a headband and some fun earrings!

Jeans* (14) // Similar Sweater* (one size) // Black Leggings* (large)

This is a perfect casual outfit. If you have a bright sweater toss that on with jeans or leggings. This is an oversized/ flowy sweater. I know the weather has been all over the place so this would be a good option as well.

Similar Shirt* (xl) // Jeans* (14)

Here I grabbed a pair of jeans and just a casual shirt. I choose a shirt that had multi colors in it to keep in theme with Easter outfits. If you wanted to dress this up put on colored jeans like black. You can add heels too.

Shirt* (xl) // Similar Vest* (xl) // Jeggings* (12)

I love adding a utility vest to any outfit. I grabbed some colored stripes again. I just love pastels and all things color for Easter outfits.

I went with florals this time! If you’re picking a floral shirt to wear you can add a kimono or sweater. I usually pick one color in the shirt to focus on. I put my black jeggings with this to dress it up a little bit.

Sweatshirt (xl) // Leggings* (2 on the left large) // Jeans* (14) // Similar Leggings* (large)

I love this Radiant sweatshirt I got from Casual Friday KY. You can have a variety of options to wear with this. I have 2 leggings, a pair of jeans, and workout pants. Sweatshirts are so cozy and wonderful because you can really create different looks with it. If you’re picking jeans add a fun headband or hair clip.

Jean Jacket* (xl) // Similar Dress* (xl)

Here is more of a traditional Easter outfit. Pick a fun bright dress and add a jean jacket on top! You can pair with wedges or some tennis shoes to make it more casual. Have fun with it!

Similar Shirt* (xl) // Similar Leggings* (large) // Jeans* (14)

I love the twist on this shirt it adds an extra flair. This is a perfect shirt you can go casual with or wear it with jeans or colored denim. Options are truly endless. If you love the look of this you can tie your shirt into a knot or tuck some in. This shirt came like that but you can totally diy it. Some people use a hair tie on the inside to give it a knotted look.

Dress* (large) // Sweater* (large)

I got this to wear for Easter this year before everything got cancelled. I plan on wearing it this Sunday. I may have to add leggings! I may wear sandals or tennis shoes. This is another example of a floral dress and the cardigan I picked pulls out a color in the dress.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. I know it’s weird to not be going to family dinners and it’s going to be weird to not physically go into church. One thing we know for sure is Jesus loves us all so much and we can celebrate that anywhere we go! He is risen indeed!



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