Target Spring Dresses

I love spring fashion. After winter it’s so fun to think of warmer weather and all the pastels and bright colors spring brings. Target is having 20% off dresses and shoes with the cartwheel app it ends Saturday at midnight (March 14). A lot of people are staying inside as we are dealing with the Coronavirus so I plan to do some online shopping. These dresses are perfect for on the go and some are so cute for Easter.

Dress* (Large) // Sweater* (Large) // Shoes*

I’m thinking about this being my Easter dress. I love all the spring colors in it! I snagged this cardigan on clearance for $13 and it is so soft and cozy! I would pair this with white or yellow shoes. This dress is so comfortable. The material is silky almost which feels amazing in the spring and summer.

Dress* (xl) // Shoes*

I used to not be a big fan of t-shirt dresses until I tried this on! Right now with the cartwheel deal for 20% off you can get this for $12! You can pair this with tennis shoes and tie a shirt at the waist or put a denim jacket on for a casual look. Now if you want to dress it up add a blazer or a nicer cardigan and pop on some fun heels or shoes and don’t forget to add fun accessories! I have the lilac color on and this is a perfect color for spring!

Dress* (large) // Shoes*

So this dress was a big no for me. I didn’t like the material it’s like a gauze and I didn’t like how this looked on me. I think the sleeves being puffy is where it looks weird on me. It maybe perfect for you but I wasn’t feeling it. It comes in several other colors also. Pockets are always nice so that was a win!

Dress* (Large) // Shoes*

So I loved this style but two things were wrong with this for me. I got my normal size large in this dress. It was a bit tight and I didn’t like how it fit. Second thing I wasn’t tan enough or this color isn’t for me it washed me out. However I sized up and got a new pattern in this dress (below) that I loved! I love the length of the dress!

Dress* (xl) // Shoes*

What a difference going up a size and finding a nice pattern on me. I love this dress! This is one that I’m going back to snag! I’m 5’2 so finding a maxi dress isn’t usually an option since it ends up being way too long or I have to tie it. This hit perfectly where nothing is dragging. I love the sleeveless option for summer and during spring I plan to pop on a sweater over it.

Did you have a favorite dress or shoe?



*If you see this after an item it means if you click on that link and shop on a web browsers (not the app) I will earn a small commission

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