Milk Makeup Product Review

I had never heard anything about Milk Makeup before until I got an e-mail that I was able to test this before they released these products. (I received it complimentary) It’s available now! I’m going to review how I liked the two different products then I will pick 5 things off the website that I want to try.

This is the Vegan Milk Cleanser. I really liked it but something in it was really irritating to my skin unfortunately. I still would recommend this product because it was really good and I was so sad that my face kept reacting to it. It has 4 different kinds of milk in it. (hence the name Milk Makeup) This had desert milk, fig milk, oat milk, and argan milk. You can see the full list of ingredients here. I put a dime sized amount on both morning and night. It feels like it might be thick but it’s really lightweight and when you start putting it on your face and rubbing it in it becomes milky. I could really feel and tell that it was doing a good job of really cleaning my face but for me it may have been too harsh. This says it’s good for people with sensitive skin it just wasn’t on my side this time. I would say if you don’t have any sensitivities this product would be good for you to try. It is $30 but I can tell that it would last a long time.

This is Vegan Milk Moisturizer. I LOVE this product. This product is $38 I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks now and you can’t even tell I took anything out of the bottle. This product feels thick when you get it out and put it on your face, however it feels so good on your skin. You don’t really have to rub it in a lot. I can tell that it helped with my dry skin. I didn’t have any reactions to this product. I would highly recommend this product. I put this product on in the morning and night also. I added this into my other skincare routine the last two weeks and it makes a difference. My face always feels so good after I put the moisturizer on.

I know I was going to list 5 more products I would try but I couldn’t narrow it down so I’m sharing my top 9. First up is this kush lip scrub for $22. I love a good lip scrub to have on hand all year long. My lips dry out so quickly. This has good reviews and looks like a product I would try. I may have to make a wishlist of products to buy. Then I found this Mask + Go Set for $40. You can get it in moisturizing, purifying, or brightening. It comes with 6 eye patches also. It looks like it would be a really easy application because it’s like a roll on instead of squeezing it out of a bag, and I love that they have 3 different masks. If you’re on the go all the time this is perfect for you! It’s a mini lip/cheek color for only $15. There are some colors to choose from and some even have shimmer in them! I haven’t worn blush in a long time but I do wear a lot of lip colors. It would be really easy to just swipe it on your cheeks too. If you like to try out different products at once this mini set would be perfect for you. It’s called the MVPS Mini Bag. It’s the bestsellers in a fun little bag. It costs $39 and it’s a $109 value! That’s a good deal especially if you don’t want to commit to the full size products or maybe you travel a lot so this would be good for you to have also. I personally don’t wear makeup but I keep hearing so many good things about this amazing primer called the Hydro Grip Primer for $30. The ingredients they use make it a really good primer to have. They have a lip balm for $16 called Kush Lip Balm. I love the fact that they included a clear shade in this collection they also have fun pinks/reds to choose from. This cooling water product looks amazing! It’s to help with puffiness under your eyes. I can imagine on a hot summer day this would feel great to apply also. This is $26. I am adding this one to the wishlist! I know some of you love products to help grow your lashes and brows. This is the KUSH Growhouse Lash + Brow Serum it’s on the pricer side at $48. The reviews for it are really good and people have commented that they have seen a lot of growth for their lashes and brows. The last product I found is the Skin Re-Set for winter care essentials. It has 4 products in it and costs $50. This looks like a good thing to have stocked during the winter.

What product do you really want to try?



*I received the cleanser and moisturizer complimentary in exchange for honest reviews*

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