How To Style Jeans

I love jeans! I used to not be a big fan because hello sweatpants! As I grew older I discovered the elastic waistband jeans and it’s magic. Not all my jeans have elastic waistbands but they are stretchy. My Top 2 Favorites are Universal Thread (Target) and Old Navy. I usually wait on deals to snag some. So I’ve been more into styling jeans again. They truly are a staple in a closet. You can dress it very casual or you can really dress it up. You can go watch a movie or go to restaurant. The choices are endless. I personally love mixing it up. I do t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, sherpas, blouses. I love what they add to an outfit and don’t you just feel more confident in jeans?

I pulled some pictures from last year and this year to show my favorite ways to style jeans.

I have the same jeans on here. They are the boyfriend straight from Old Navy. I dressed both casually but the one on the right has a more spring/summer look to it. Accessories can really change the outfit. I have bracelets on and hair accessories but both are different. The fancier clips I have on for the right picture. The left picture I’m wearing a headband! This is one pair of jeans styled two ways.

Jeans* (14) // Similar Platform Shoes* (7) // Girls Sandals* // Similar Sweatshirt* (xl) // Similar Shirt* (xl) // Headband

I added some jewelry and some sparkly shoes to dress this sweatshirt up a little bit more. You can add a necklace too. There are so many options. It always amazes me how 1-2 accessories can really change an outfit.

Similar Sweatshirt* (xl) // Similar Jeans* (12) // Similar Shoes* (kids 5)

Going to a game or having a game day party? Here I paired my jersey with some fun jeggings and classic converse. I added the hat to dress it down a little bit. I usually wear my jerseys with leggings so this was a fun new look!

Jersey (L) // Similar Jeans* (12) // Similar Hat* // Shoes (I wear a kids 5 but linked adult sizes)*

You know those days where you want to go out maybe to grab dinner or something and it’s raining? Just throw on some cute rain boots. I have a pair of tall black ones and these shorter pink ones. In the spring and summer I usually wear this pop of color just to add to an outfit. In my opinion there isn’t really a “bad” shoe to wear with jeans.

Shirt (xl) // Similar Flannel* (xl) // Jeggings* (12) // Similar Rain Boots*

This sweater and vest dress this outfit up a little bit. If I wanted to dress it down I could wear the jeans and some Ugg boots and take away the vest. I would put smaller post earrings on and maybe add a scarf. If you wanted to dress this up even more you can swap the vest for a fancier option. I personally would add some booties and you could do a half-updo look to dress it up even more.

Chevron Sweater* (xl) // Similar Sherpa Vest* (xl) // Jeans* (14) // Similar Shoes* (6.5) // Headband* // Similar Earrings

Old Navy usually releases their amazing twill jackets in the spring. I love this pink one and I get a lot of use with it. In the outfit on the left I used it to make the outfit look more casual. The outfit on the right I used it to dress it up a little bit more. I swapped converse to Birkenstocks. I had my hair from a mini bun to hair down.

Shirt (xl) // Similar Jacket* (xl) // Similar Jeggings* (12) // Converse* (kids 5) // Birkenstocks* // Headband // Scrunchie

I’m always thinking of different ways I could wear jeans. You can get so many options out of one pair of jeans. So have fun styling and playing around with what to wear with jeans, because almost everything looks great with jeans.



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