My Style

I would say my style is comfort, trendy, and bright colors. I don’t love to get all fancy and really dress up I like to wear casual outfits. Give me a pair of jeans and I will be happy. I love to get my clothes from Target and Walmart and also Old Navy those are my top 3. The prices are great and I can always wait for a sale.

This is my everyday style. I love a good comfy sherpa pullover and some jeans and uggs to keep me warm. These jeans from Target are so stretchy and comfortable they are a must have in my wardrobe. I love tassel earrings also!

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This is another style I often go towards more along the line of athleisure wear. I gravitate towards a long shirt and pair it with yoga pants, or leggings and then add my adidas shoes. I love the look of these shoes and you can never go wrong with classic black and white styles.

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This is another athleisure outfit. I wear these type of outfits usually when we run errands or when I have a doctor appointment. It’s comfy but looks put together also. I always add a headband to any outfit I can.

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This is one of my favorite outfits to wear in the spring. This jean jacket gets used so much and everyone needs 🙂 one. You can never go wrong with some black joggers and fun slides. I love styling shirts with an important message on them. This was from Old Navy’s International Women’s Day collection from 2019.

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This is one of the trendy looks I have right now. I have the snake skin on my earrings and I also am wearing tie-dye which if you don’t know it’s going to be a big trend in the spring time. This is an outfit I wore to work. I dressed it up with black pants and some nicer earrings.

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This is another outfit I wear to work. I love wearing motivating shirts/inspiring shirts for the kids. I add leopard whenever I can because to me it’s a neutral. In the fall and winter I almost always grab a cardigan or sweater because it gets so cold in Indiana.

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I love these boots and they go with so much. I get a lot of use out of my faux leather leggings. Target is currently sold out of the exact pair but I found something similar. I also love wearing a flannel and when it’s a tunic it makes it even better. I can wear this outfit out to eat, for a holiday event, etc.

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So as you can see I would say my style is a mix of 3 things- comfy, trendy, bright colors. I have staples in my closet and I just style them differently.

What’s your everyday style?



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