Winter Blues Bye Bye

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I used to wear the winter staple colors. Blues and grays and black. Recently I started adding a pop of color in to make the winter blues go away. While I’m not dressing bright like spring or summer here are some simple ways you can add a pop of color in your winter wardrobe.

This is just a simple outfit. I added a pop of pink with the tank top and showing the inside of the collar on the sherpa. It’s very subtle and a great place to start. This is just simply adding a tank top or bright colored shirt under a sherpa or sweatshirt.

Similar Tank* (xxl) // Sherpa* (xl) // Leggings* (Large) // Shoes* // Headband

This was one of my favorite outfits to pair together. I used all the colors of the balloon hearts and pulled them out. I had a light pink headband and mauve leggings. I added the green cardigan because it has specks of colors in it that paired perfectly with this outfit. For this I usually pick one thing to be the main piece which in this case was the t-shirt and then I build around that and that’s how this outfit became colorful.

Similar Shirt (xl) // Cardigan* (m) // Similar Pants* (L) // Boots* (8) // Similar Headband

This would also be a great starter piece if you’re new to this. I wore the winter colors but used pink for accessories. I used pink earrings with a pink headband and pink shoes. This tied the entire look together while still adding a splash of color into it.

Chevron Sweater* (xl) // Similar Sherpa Vest* (xl) // Jeans* (14) // Similar Shoes* (6.5) // Headband* // Similar Earrings

White isn’t worn often in the winter. It is a bright color in a way. All I did for this was just choose a bright colored headband. If you don’t like headbands you could add bright shoes or bright earrings. It makes a bold statement when you wear similar colors then choose one color for accessories. This not only adds a splash of color but it really stands out when your wearing the same tones on your outfit.

Similar Shirt* (xl) // Leggings* (large) // Shoes* (6) // Similar Headband

This shirt has a touch of pink in it. I had snakeskin earrings but the post was bright pink. I added light pink glitter snap clips also. While I did wear black pants and black jeggings I choose pink accessories to pop that pink. Do you sense a theme here? You can still wear all your winter clothes just choose to accessorize it differently if you want to mix it up.

Similar Cardigan* (l-xl) // Shirt* (large) // Similar Tank Top* (xxl) // Ugg Boots* (8) // Snap Clips* // Similar Earrings // Jeggings* (12)

This outfit is a great place to start also. Just add a basic long sleeve shirt and then pick bright earrings and you can add a bright headband in also. I paired this with my winter boot wedges. This outfit is winter but just look how the earrings and headbands changed this look.

Shirt* (xl) // Jeans* (14) // Similar Shoes* (7) // Earrings // Headband

Let me know if you add any pop of colors into your outfits this week. I challenge you to accessorize something brighter with your outfits. As for fashion rules I don’t really follow them. So have fun and wear whatever you want.



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