Dealing With A Bug or The Flu While Dealing With A Chronic Illness

Influenza A & B has made a strong presence in our area. I got my flu shot this year to try and prevent it but that’s not always how life works. When you have a chronic illness and get hit with a big bug it takes you longer to get better because your immune system is already a bit crazy. I didn’t go to the doctor to get a diagnosis but we are pretty sure it was Influenza B. Let me just say if you haven’t had the flu yet this year I hope you don’t get it.

So Monday morning I started feeling more pain. I honestly thought it was just a flare up. You know how I often describe my pain as flu like pain and aches, I wasn’t kidding. As the day went on I just kept feeling off. My birthday was the next day and I couldn’t have the flu on my birthday and miss my “birthday shopping”. I was wrong. Tuesday morning when I woke up I had no strength. That day I stayed home from work and slept all day. I didn’t wake up till around 4:00 pm. I had to say no to birthday cake on my birthday which we knew I really was sick if I was saying no cake today. I stayed home again on Wednesday and my temperature started going higher. I let the doctor know and he give me tips and advice. I don’t work on Thursday and Friday, but I was still stick. I started feeling a little bit better Saturday evening. My new glasses came in Monday or Tuesday but I didn’t feel good enough to even go get them. On Saturday my double vision was terrible and I needed that new prescription asap. So off to the eye doctor we went. That wore me out so we rested a lot. I needed a shower again and it nearly took all my strength and might to get through that. This flu comes fast and makes itself known very quickly.

As I was saying earlier I often describe to people my pain is very comparable to flu aches. The whole time I just felt like all my symptoms from my chronic illness were in high gear. My stomach wasn’t helping any situation. I have been dealing with stomach pain since July so when this flu started and it made me nauseous, dizzy, and just achy it was like a double whammy. On a positive note I’m getting my CT scan on Friday for my stomach to hopefully find some answers. Saturday evening I started to feel better but any task I tried to do I got worn out so quickly. I would never wish my pain on someone, but if you get the flu and experience the aches that’s very similar to what I deal with everyday but your symptoms will get to disappear and only last for the duration of the sickness. I think that’s honestly the best way to describe chronic illness and what we experience.

Stay Healthy Friends & Bye Bye To Germs

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28



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