Private Selection (Kroger) Review

Earlier this month influenster (an app anyone can use it) sent something about being able to try the Private Selection brand at Kroger. Now that I live very close to one I figured this would be great! (Ps I didn’t even know Kroger had a second brand called Private Selection.) I had such a good experience and everything tasted so good! I’m going to let you know my thoughts on all my selections.

Crisp Apple Honey Vinaigrette– This was so good! I definitely will be getting this dressing a lot or I may try some different flavors. If you haven’t already guessed yet this dressing tasted so good. It was like biting into summer but so fresh. You can taste the apple! I also dipped a celery stick into it and that was surprisingly good. I would give this a 7/10.

Medium Restaurant Style Gourmet Salsa– I really enjoyed this salsa. I will warn you it’s spicy but I like my salsa a little bit on the spicy side. It tastes so fresh like someone just got it out of the garden and made it right there. I’m looking forward to having more chips & salsa. Also wanted to note this was in the refrigerated area with the cheeses/dips. Some are just on the shelf. I would give this 9/10

Vodka Pasta Sauce– If you know me you know that Italian food is my jam! One of my favorite sauces is the vodka pasta sauce so I had to try this brands version. It didn’t disappoint the flavor was perfect! I’m looking forward to making a pasta dish again soon (by me I mean mom will be cooking it #chronicillnessproblems ). I would give this 8/10

Pimento Cheese and Harissa Chips– These chips were really good. They have a very distinct flavor. I love pimento cheese so these were good. I would call them gourmet chips. The harissa brings in a bit of a spicy which is my favorite! I would give this a 8/10.

Salted Carmel Pretzel Cookies– I wanted to love these but I just couldn’t. I was picturing a pretzel with chocolate and salted carmel on the pretzel. It was a cookie and the pretzel flavor wasn’t coming through for me. I had my Mom try it too and she said the same thing. I probably wouldn’t grab this on my next trip to Kroger. I give this 5/10

White Chocolate Mousse (Strawberry)– I need more of these in our fridge ASAP! This was so refreshing to eat and it comes in a little glass container how fun is that? They had another flavor that I can’t remember right now but I may try that to branch out even more. I highly recommend trying this. It was very light and very refreshing and the taste just all went together. I would give this 10/10

Southern Butter Pecan Ice Cream – I love butter pecan ice cream. Fun fact about me whenever we travel somewhere and it’s “ice cream season” I always try their local butter pecan. I’ve tasted a lot of good ones and ones that weren’t cutting it for me. This however will be a top favorite. They had the whole pecan in the ice cream and the vanilla flavoring was so good! I think we will keep this stocked up especially during summer. I give this 10/10

Double Vanilla Ice Cream– This was so creamy and just the perfect amount of vanilla! This was perfect for when I had a sore throat the other day. I hope you give this a try! Have fun with it scoop some out into a bowl and throw some chocolate sauce over it or sprinkles or whatever you want. I give this 9/10

Raspberry Sorbet– I loved the texture of this sorbet it just melted in your mouth. I liked the raspberry but in my opinion the raspberry was way too strong. I would try another flavor sometime. I would give this a 7/10

This rounds up my reviews on the items I picked out! I had so much fun picking products out for me to try and then it can help you on your next grocery run. I hope you have a Kroger’s nearby. You maybe really hungry now after reading this review. Bon Appétit!

Happy Shopping! Have you tried one of these items, or which is your favorite from this brand let me know in the comments.



Disclaimer: This was a cash back offer from Influenster in exchange for honest reviews.

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