Valentine’s Day Inspired Outfits

If you see this * after an item that means if you click a link and purchase something through that link (at no extra cost to you) I may earn a small commission from that

I recently did a survey and a Valentine’s Day outfit guide was suggested. I loved that idea so here I am. I did traditional Valentine’s Day Outfits (classic reds & pinks) and non traditional colors for Valentine’s Day (subtle pink or no pink/red). I didn’t really do any date night outfits (sorry) because this single girl has no idea what to wear on a date night! So these are more geared towards casual or work wear. Have fun with it you can style these for the whole week of Valentine’s.

This was obviously taken during Christmas. For Valentine’s Day don’t wear a Christmas Headband. At the bottom of this blog I have linked the Valentine’s Day Collection from my favorite headband place. You could swap the jeggings for faux leather leggings and over the knee boots for a more fancier option.

Pullover* (xl Red) // Jeggings* (12) // Similar Long Sleeve* (xl) // Similar Earrings

This is a traditional outfit I would say. Bright pink is always a go to for me (well it’s my favorite color so that’s why). I have my more valentine themed earrings to go with it. You could also pair this with black jeans or faux leather leggings.

T-shirt (xl) // Jeggings* (12) // Similar Sweater* (xxl) // Ugg Boots* (8) // Similar Earrings // Necklace // Ring

This sweater is a great option. You can pull so many colors out. I went with pink to make it more of a Valentine’s look. I could also wear a blue vest to pull out the blue instead of the pink. Old Navy doesn’t have this particular sweater anymore. It comes in a different color that is more non traditional Valentine’s Day outfit.

Similar Sweater* (xl) // Faux Leather Leggings* (xxl) // Vest* (xl) // Similar Shoes* (7)

This is a very subtle look. The colors in this cardigan work for Valentine’s Day. I dressed it down and wore a grey t-shirt and jeans. When you look at this you probably don’t see the colors at the bottom of the cardigan first, or if you do you then see the grey shirt and jeans which tones it down. This is a perfect on the go weekend outfit also.

T-Shirt* (xl) // Jeans* (14) // Similar Cardigan* (large) // Shoes (8) size up 2-3

If you live in a warmer state this might be perfect for you! I love the jacket with this makes it more of a Valentine’s Day look. If you just wear the shirt it would be a very subtle outfit. It still has pink but doesn’t have pink all over.

Similar Jacket* (xl) // Similar Jeggings* (14) // Shoes* // Similar Shirt* (xl)

I love adding a splash of pink to an outfit. Here I just added the pink necklace and pink shoes. If you don’t want pink accessories change them out to sneakers and no necklace or a different color necklace. You could wear this shirt tucked in or tucked out or tie it in a knot.

Similar Long Sleeve* (xl) // Similar Jeggings* (12) // Necklace

This is a great non traditional Valentine’s Day inspired outfit. I have neutral shoes on and not a lot of accessories. I have basic jeans and a mauve color sweatshirt. I found similar items for you! I’m sure we all have a fun or basic crew neck in our closest.

Similar Sweatshirt* (xl) // Jeans* (14) // Similar Shoes* (7) // Headband

If it happens to rain or snow on Valentine’s Day you could pair some fun rain boots with your outfit. Think red rain boots with a different color vest on. This flannel only has a slight pink running through it which I pulled out in my boots. However I paired it with a basic white t. You could easily change the shoes to a black flat or something along those lines.

Similar Flannel* (xl) // Jeggings* (12) // T-Shirt (xl) // Similar Roma Rain Boots* //Similar Boot Poppy Clip // Ring // Earrings (same color is sold out)

Here are my two favorite “go to” for Valentine’s Day looks below! This will cover jewelry and headbands and scrunchies! You can even go to your local Walmart and get a red or pink basic tee and pair it with your finds from these 2 boss babes.

The Sandy Pearls & The Happy Headband Co

If you try any of these outfits let me know! You can tag me on Instagram or send a message. I would love to know which was your favorite outfit from above? Did you get some goodies from The Sandy Pearls or The Happy Headband Co?



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