Target Try-On

I always enjoy Target. I also love looking at all the clothes they have to offer. I love Universal Threads & Wild Fable the most. I went on a snowy day so I spent some time looking for clothes. There were a few tops that after looking at the photos I was like oh I do need (or want) that! So back to Target I go. I mean do I need an excuse to go to Target?

If you see this * after an item that means if you click a link and purchase something through that link (at no extra cost to you) I may earn a small commission from that

This dress is seriously like a comfy sweatshirt material. I loved this initially and then decided I didn’t look good in it. It was one of those days I was really hard on myself in the dressing room which I know we’ve all been there. My tip is to take a photo of you in the outfit. I saw the pictures after a day or two and I was like why was I being so hard on myself? Right now with my depression this has been a constant battle but I’m working on positive self talk. If you haven’t guessed already this is one that I’m running back to Target for. Did I mention it has pockets?

Wild Fable Dress* (large)

This shirt has been all over Instagram so I decided to give it a try. It was so comfortable. This I’m adding to the cart also. I thought the white was a little sheer at first but I can easily wear a comfy tank underneath. It’s an oversized fit so I’m wearing a large. I love the colors in this. The classic black & white with a splash of pink! I decided to give the distressed jeans a try. I didn’t like the fit of these. They were wild fable and I sized up to a 14 and it still fit weird. These jeans just weren’t working for my body shape. I am however looking forward to picking out some distressed jeans sometime.

Tie Dye Shirt* (runs big I’m wearing a large) // Jeans* (14)

This shirt was so soft like a blanket! I didn’t end up getting this because it was kind of sheer but they had solid colors also that I could try. I’m just waiting for this to go on sale. It’s the perfect cozy outfit. You can dress it up by knotting it like I did and wear some fun accessories.

Long Sleeve* (xl) // Jeans* (14)

I’m so glad my Mom spotted this sweatshirt. It’s junior sizing but so comfortable. It’s an oversized fit a little bit. I forgot to push the sleeves up, which is why my hands aren’t showing. I love the Universal Threads Mid Rise Skinny Light Wash. Jeans I wanted another pair of these so I gave the dark wash a try and love them just as much! I can’t wait to style these jeans. I kept both pieces.

Peace Sweatshirt* (junior xl) // Jeans* (14)

This shirt looked cute on the hanger but I wasn’t a big fan. The sleeves were connected to it and the “mock neck” felt like a turtle neck that was hugging my neck too tight. I loved the color and comfort but I didn’t like how it looked on me. This could be a really cute work outfit. Just pair it with black pants and a small black wedge heel. It may work for you but I didn’t like it on me. Also this one I couldn’t find online so I found something similar to link for you.

Similar Long Sleeve* (xl) // Jeans* (14)

Who else is loving the tie-dye trend? When I was younger I had so many tie-dye things from shirts to cards. I love this tie-dye because I love pink and it’s so cute paired with the orange it’s like a fun sherbet color and it reminded me of the sunset. I couldn’t find this online it appeared to be out of stock. It was the wild fable brand.

Similar Shirt* (xxl) // Jeans* (14)

This sweater was a quick no. I didn’t like how it looked on my body. It wasn’t doing anything for the shape of my body. The color was a bright coral and I just couldn’t get it right on the camera but it is bright and cozy. It had those balloon sleeves also. I like my sweaters just a little longer and with more shape.

Sweater* (xl) // Jeans* (14)

This was a seersucker shirt. It can be rolled up into 3/4 length sleeve or you can roll it down for long sleeves. I wasn’t a huge fan of this top. It was a little too low for me and I have some similar things already in my closet. I think it would be super cute with white jeans and some sandals. It would be the perfect spring break outfit.

Similar Shirt* (large) // Jeans* (14)

This outfit could work for a subtle Valentine’s day outfit. I wasn’t a fan of this shirt. It was a little bit different from the usual v necks I get from Universal Threads. It was soft and I felt like the sizing was accurate.

Shirt* (xl) // Jeans* (14)

Headband* Comes in 8 different colors for only $9.99

So that rounds up my Target Try-On. What outfit was your favorite? (let me know in the comments) Mine was probably the tie-dye dress and the peace sweatshirt. So I will be running back to Target to pick up some of the outfits I wish I would’ve gotten.

Do you have a favorite brand at Target? I love Wild Fable & Universal Threads!



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