My Reflection of 2019

I’m finally back! Long story short in the fall my stomach pain got really intense and, I slipped into a deep depression and it’s taken time to get where I am this week. I will be sharing a blog about that but I’m not ready yet. We changed some medicines/dosage and I meet with the counselor once a week. She has helped me so much and has taught me so many different strategies that work. I missed blogging so much but I wasn’t in the right headspace and I’m happy that I can blog again.

2019 was a hard year health-wise. I always think around New Years that surely this year I will get better. I’ve now realized that’s not the correct thinking process. 2019 was hard. I’ve had a low grade temp every single day that they are 99% sure is an auto immune temperature. I had a lot of dental things done, so this year I shouldn’t need as many dental procedures. My POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) gradually got worse. I dealt with stomach pain (and I’m still dealing with it). I had countless appointments as always. As I said earlier, this year was rough.

I’m thinking a fun way to reflect on my year is to say something good and something rough for each month. I know this is usually all about chronic illnesses, but this blog is different. I want to show that you can still have fun even when you feel like crap. ( I know easier said than done).

January 2019- Good thing – For the first time I picked a word for 2019. I chose “pause” to help me stop and enjoy a moment or listen to my body. We also went to an Iowa Basketball Game @ Purdue. Oh and I set two New Years resolutions, which I completed. Read the bible in a year in chronological order & to work on my blog & Instagram. Rough Thing- Honestly I can’t remember. I think this was a good month plus it’s my birthday month!

February 2019- Good thing- I started working on my website and blog more. I did No Spend February! Rough thing- I sprained my ankle pretty bad.

March 2019- Good thing- March Madness, and Iowa was playing good (but I’m looking forward to this year)! Rough Thing- When Iowa lost and didn’t advance farther during March Madness.

April 2019- Good thing – Went to North Carolina to visit some family. Had a blast! Rough thing- I really don’t remember.

May 2019- Good thing- We had a family gathering during Memorial Day weekend and I had a lot of fun and more memories were made. Rough Thing- I had the first step of my dental implant and it hurt like crazy and then got infected. I can’t take prescription painkillers due to medicine I’m on, but Tylenol and Advil helped a little bit. I also broke out in hives due to an allergy of some kind. I got some steroids to calm them down.

June 2019- Good thing- Start of summer break and we got to hang out with my cousin’s little daughter. We had so much fun with her this summer, and lots of giggles. I got released from Physical Therapy from my ankle sprain! Rough Thing- We got that crazy hail storm and basically all roofs in Goshen had to get replaced from hail damage.

July 2019 – Good thing- I spent time in Iowa for a family reunion. It was a great time full of memories, plus we made a pit stop at the University. Go Hawks! Rough Thing- Had a root canal done and it made my TMJ really bad, but the root canal went great.

August- Good thing- I started my 5th year as a paraprofessional. Plus we got to see the Backstreet Boys in concert for the first time! Rough Thing- I don’t remember anything happening that was rough.

September 2019- Good thing- We got to meet Ashley & Jared from the Bachelor / Bachelor in Paradise. They are both so kind. Rough thing- My abdominal pain and bloating were getting more intense.

October 2019- Good thing- My sisters birthday & we went to the Relief sale and loaded up on some yummy foods and popcorn. Rough Thing- Had some scans done and met with the gallbladder surgeon which led to no answers.

November 2019- Good thing – Thanksgiving and spending time with family. Rough Thing- this is when my depression got bad and Nov 8 marked 6 years since Dad died.

December 2019- Good thing- We went to Frankenmuth, MI and had a lot of fun. We even visited Bronners which was amazing. Also Christmas and remembering the whole reason we have Christmas. Rough Thing- I was feeling really bad and nothing really was helping.

That’s my 2019 wrapped up. I found it interesting how many more good things I could’ve typed. The good things were easy to remember. The rough times and when they happened was very hard. So I didn’t have a good health year but I don’t remember what month or what day something happened. It just gets lumped together and you can remember the “big things”. It’s so much easier to think of good things than all the bad things. I’m ready to see where 2020 goes.

” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11



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