October 13-19

If you see this * after an item that means if you click a link and purchase something through that link (at no extra cost to you) I may earn a small commission from that

October 13

Find Your Own Happy Planner Here //  Markers* (I have the 50 count pack) // Planner Basic Sticker Book // Similar Washi Tape // Detail Knife

I will just link this once here for you to make it easier. I wear these bracelets almost everyday. I wear the Mental Health Awareness Bracelet * & Hakuna Matata Bracelet**Use code ABBYHERSHBERGER20 for 20% off your purchase! (can’t be used for subscription bags)

October 13

Sweatshirt (xl) // Similar Yoga Pants* (large) // Socks*

October 14

Sweater* (xxl) // Similar Jeggings* (xl) // Sherpa Vest* (only $10) // Similar Hat // Boots* // Earrings

October 15

Similar Dress* // Similar Cardigans* // Similar Leggings* // Similar Shoes* // Similar Earrings

October 16

Similar Jacket* (xl) // Jeggings* (12) // Uggs* (8) // Similar T-Shirt* (xl) // Earrings (2.5) // Headband

October 17

Letter Board* (12 x 18 grey) // Similar Banner // Similar Pumpkins // Football (sold out right now but gets restocked often)

October 18

Sweatshirt (xl) // Headband // Similar Earrings

October 19

Blanket* (very similar to Bonnie Plaid)

October 19

Similar Shirt* (l) // Similar Joggers* (xl) // Similar Slippers*



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