Fall Clothes At Walmart

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I love Walmart. I know some people avoid it at all costs if that’s you no worries you can do a pick up in store so you just walk in and pick it up and leave. Since switching brands to Time & Tru and Terra & Sky Walmart is one of my favorite places to get clothes. The quality is good and the prices are amazing. Especially if you want something on trend but don’t want to make it an investment piece. I live really close to a Walmart now so we visit more. The one near us is pretty nice!

I tried on some outfits for you all. I regret not buying some things but I can wait because I didn’t need it right then.

I have seen this tee below in solid colors only. It was colors I didn’t need and I wasn’t sure about 3/4 sleeve for fall. I grabbed an xl and and xxl in Time and Tru I usually size up one. The xl fit fine I just liked a longer fit for leggings and layering and the sleeve was longer so I went with the xxl. I was glad I looked on the shelf below and found this striped shirt! It’s not see through also! I’m not wearing a tank and you can’t see anything (WIN). This is the perfect fall item to have. I have it styled 3 different ways. I just kept it on with a few of these new looks below!

Get This Look For Under $60

Shirt* (xxl) // Jeans* (14) // Shoes (use code ABBY10 for 10% off) // Similar Necklace*

Next up I love this rain jacket and I’m getting it next week at least that’s my goal. I loved it! I just have a black rain jacket that’s short this would be perfect for fashion haha and being outside in the fall! It was great quality! Comes in so many fun combinations!

Get This Look For Under $75

Jacket* (xl) // Jeans* (14) // Shoes (code ABBY10 for 10% off) // Shirt* (stripes not online)

This was such a fun outfit! I tried a xxl since it’s juniors it did button up for me but I like this look a like. I didn’t get it because the strings hanging down at the bottom were annoying me. I probably could cut it off. It was a very cozy shirt and it comes in several other color options. A yellow one and a buffalo plaid.

Get this look for under $75

Shirt* (xl not aval. in stripes online) // Jeans* (14) // Shoes (use code ABBY10 for 10% off) // Flannel* (xxl my color is not avail. online sold out)

I’ve been seeing this cropped sweater with buttons a lot in the fashion world. So I thought I’d give it a try. It was on clearance for $11. It was comfy but I don’t think it was flattering on me since I’m shorter it looks awkward and the buttons looked weird unbuttoned (they are the tortoise shell design). I stuck the turtle neck underneath and loved the turtle neck and it comes in multiple colors perfect to stock up on especially with it being under $12. I didn’t like these cargo pants at all. I personally didn’t like the pockets and the fit was a bit weird. Loose in some places but tight in the other. Beautiful color though. If you like this outfit it would be so cute to wear on Halloween it’s very simple.

Get this look for under $45

Sweater (xl or xxl can’t remember sorry and not online was on clearance rack) // Pants* (14) // Turtle Neck* (xl)

The shirt below is a plus size and it’s adorable! I had to try one on. The problem is I thought I would somehow remember all the sizes I tried. Im 99.5% sure I tried the 0x but it could be a 1x. So sorry! I keep learning how to blog and I learn something every single time I do a blog, because I’m not perfect and it’s not going to be a perfect blog post every week. I loved it paired with these cider pants! I tried the spiced cider color on in the cargo pants and didn’t like it so when I saw these I was so happy! They are pull on elastic waistband. If you deal with bloating these are the pants for you! Not a major investment and they are comfy and come in a TON of colors! I may go back and grab a pair of the olive! Walmart has a jacket with the outside the cider color and leopard on the inside which is where I think I got the idea to try it together. This is a top I HIGHLY regret not getting. I loved it on but then got worried where the patterns started and stopped then I saw it on the picture later and I was like why was I picking myself a part? I loved this top! So adding this and that jacket to the list! Don’t mind the plastic hanger tag thing hanging out haha.

Get This Look For Under $30

Shirt* (0x) // Pants* (large size up bought an xl wearing a large here) Get this look for $26

These pants weren’t working for my body shape. I have an hourglass shape and this makes me look very rectangular. The pants weren’t my favorite pants I’ve ever tried. They are true to size. I knew they wouldn’t be capris on me since I’m only 5’2 but I thought I would try them on for you. These also come in a variety of colors so if you love this trend and you want them in mustard or something else this would work!

Get This Look For Under $30

Turtle Neck* (xl) // Pants* (Large) I’m 5’2 for reference

I loved this shirt! I didn’t get it because it is a little bit lower if you bend at all. Ladies you know what I mean. I’m not a fan of wearing a lot of tank tops so that’s why I didn’t bother buying this shirt. I’m wearing a large and it was a little snug near my shoulder. They had beautiful colors. The pants I didn’t like at all. They were elastic waistband but to me that was very itchy and I sized up to a 14 and they barely had any stretch. I think it was the lee brand. They were right beside the purple paper waist bag pants.

Get This Look For Under $30

Shirt* (xl) // Similar Pants*

I grabbed a white/cream sherpa from last year but wanted to try on this years version. This was a little bit more lightweight and felt the same inside and outside where as the ones from last year were nice and thick and soft. It comes in this black color, cream, a blue on top cream on bottom, a blue one. These do sell out fast usually. It looks like some have already online.

Get This Look For Just Under $45

Sherpa* // Jeans*

Here is the popular sweater you’ve maybe seen. I saw these a few weeks ago and loved how soft they were but the seam was a very dark grey and looked cheap. I went to a different Walmart and didn’t notice it as much it’s there but much more uniformed and doesn’t look cheap. This comes in a variety of colors. I didn’t know what to get so my Instagram followers voted which one I should get we decided the neutral since I don’t have a lot of neutrals in my closet. I know the xxl shows my belly so it appears it is tighter but that’s not the case. I think in the xl since I have my hand in my pocket it make a slouchy look. I was also extremely bloated that day. Buy you can see the difference in length.

Get This Look For Under $40

Sweater* (xxl) // Jeans* (14)

I wasn’t going to try on the xxl but I follow Sarah Tondello on Instagram (you can give her a follow too by clicking on her name) she usually wears a small and she got a large and it looked so cute on her. I loved how much longer it went. I want to try some leggings and over the knee boots to see how that works.

This Look For Under $40

(linked above)

So now that it’s officially fall what outfit is your favorite?

I can’t wait for cool crisp mornings and sweatshirt weather and chili soup! It will be here soon (I hope). I want to go pick apples this year now that we live even closer to one! What’s something on your fall bucket list?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!




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