Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

Who is ready for pumpkin spice & everything nice? I’m dreaming of cold rainy days to cool crisp mornings. Having a bonfire or eating some chili soup during halftime of a college football game. Lighting all the fall scented candles and bundling up in all the cozy fall things there are. The problem is the temperatures here are still a bit hot. This week they ranged from the low 70s to high 80s so while I want to dress like it’s fall. I still need to dress cool. Here are a few outfits where you can achieve a fall look but still making it wearable for summer temps.

Here is my first transition outfit. I’m wearing a sweater that has summer and fall colors. I used white tassel earrings to keep it bright for summer. The hat is a great transition piece you can get a little bit of shade and it looks totally ready for fall. The sweater is from KEY Boutique but they plan on restocking it soon! (For the sweater and shoes you can use code ABBY10 for 10% off your order)

Similar Sweater // Shoes (size up 1-3 wearing a 9) // Jeggings* (12) // Hat // Similar Bracelets // Similar Earrings // Tank Top*

This is a great in between one. Olive is always a big hit to wear in the fall. I usually wear long sleeves in the fall but you can pair it with a short sleeve. I have long pants but these can easily be rolled into capris. The accessories I went with the pinks to brighten it up a little bit so there is still a little bit of summer and some fall.

Similar Vest* (xl) // Similar Jeggings* (12) // Shoes* (7) // Headband // Short Sleeve Shirt (xl) // Necklace // Earrings

This one is a fall outfit but by adding sandals and a bright pink tank and tying it made it look like more of a summer look. This also made this fall look a lot cooler to wear in the hot temps.

Shirt* (xl) // Tank* (xxl) // Jeggings* (12) // Shoes* // Similar Earrings

This outfit is really geared towards fall but I’m using short sleeves and I can roll the pants up like capris. The necklace has a pop of pink which is a great transition piece.

Shirt (xl) // Similar Pants* (14) // Similar Earrings / Necklace / Similar Shoes*

This might be one of my favorite transition outfits. Layering is one of my favorite things to do. I took a simple t-shirt and paired it with a sweater that is one of the colors of the stripe. I then added dark pants to style it more for fall. My shoes are multi glitter so it brings out a lot of color. I love this shirt because it has so many different colors to work with different seasons. The exact one is out of stock online if it gets restocked I will add that.

Similar Sweater* (large) // Jeggings* (12) // Similar Shirt (xl)* // Similar Shoes* // Similar Hair Clip* // Earrings // Similar Bracelets

I really wanted to put this outfit on after I took this picture and styled it. It screams fall but also is such a good transition piece. The hat and shoes are perfect for fall. I also added white pants to make it a little bit brighter so it mixes fall and summer. The shirt can be knotted or tucked or untucked. You can also roll these jeans up a little above these wedges and it would be adorable.

Shirt* (xl) // White Pants* // Similar Toms // Earrings // Hat

This is maybe geared towards summer more but it was really hot that day and it was picture day at school. I love mixing florals with stripes or leopard. I mean leopard is a neutral right? I paired these with mustard pants instead of purple or pink pants. I also added in coral earrings to make everything pop. I love how these shoes looked with this outfit.

Similar Shirt* (xl) // Similar Pants* (large) // Shoes* // Similar Earrings

I hope this helps if you are also making the transition from summer to fall. My 3 main points are to make sure you layer. You can wear bright clothes, but maybe pair it with a darker shirt or pants. Last but not least keep the temperature in mind. You don’t want to be wearing some of these outfits in 80 plus degree weather. I can’t wait to start blogging more about fall and fall fashion finds.



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