Summer To Fall: Shoes Edition

One of my favorite accessories to shop for are shoes! I have been doing really good! As I have gotten older and my feet need comfort and a good shoe, I don’t have as many pairs because I invested in the studier ones.

I picked 8 of my favorite shoes that I have grabbed a lot this summer and plan on taking them into the fall season also.

I will break it down with pros and cons for each shoe.

*Please note if you see this * behind anything that means if you click that link and may a purchase through it I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I tried to make this easy on you and link all the shoes that I could on shop style so then it’s all in one place.

Glitter Toms*

Pros- good quality, good support , have lasted a year and still look great, goes with a lot of outfits, can be carried into any season

Cons- This shoe was a limited edition so it’s not available anymore. Another con is that the glitter is real and it can be scratchy not on the inside but the outside as in if you like to cross your legs when you sit you may get a little scratch. Great shoe to transition because you can wear the no show socks or you can put longer socks on and wear your jeans over them.

For me the cons totally outweighs the pros. I love these Toms and have been wearing them to various things.

Black Mules* (size up 1 wearing a 7)

Pros- have held up well, they are actually comfortable, these are easy to transition. Wear it with shorts or rolled up jeans on a cooler day.

Cons-I live in Northern Indiana so I don’t wear these in the winter, the leather is faux so after a few wears it does get the cracked look on some parts of the shoe

Rose Gold Slip Ons* (size up 1 wearing a 7)

Pro- memory foam, different colors available, affordable pricing, easy to get on and off

Wondering how to transition this pair? Well the shoe is a solid color but the little holes add character and that type of style is on trend again for fall.

Cons- I want them to come out with fall colors of this style


Pros- mold to your feet, so comfortable, lots of colors and a very sturdy shoe, gets comfier each wear

These are great to transition. I wear these all summer long basically but in the fall you can wear them with jeans instead of shorts. Plus you can even wear socks.

Cons- the price for these shoes is expensive

Adidas Tennis Shoes* (wearing a kids 6)

Pro- if you need new tennis shoes I can’t recommend this brand new shoe! It’s supportive, comfy, lightweight, goes with anything.

Tennis shoes can transition to any season and that’s great!

Cons- hmm I really don’t have any cons on this one

Time & Tru Scrunch Back Shoes* (size up 1 I got a 7)

Pros- These shoes are very easy to put on, comes in many different color options, very affordable, dressier tennis shoe, love the memory foam.

You can transition this shoe from summer to fall. It has holes on the top so it kind of makes it a little oasis as well. These styles of shoes are really on trend for fall.

Cons- these colors are selling out fast. I sometimes wish the holes were covered some

Grey Mules* (wearing a 9)

(Use code ABBY10 for 10% off your purchase on the key boutique website)

Pros- a very sturdy shoe, a very comfy shoes, goes with a lot, perfect to transition summer to fall especially with the espadrille detailing on the side

These are great to have. Think of it like a basic white tee.

Cons- you have to be careful with sizing for this shoe. I usually size up 1 to a 7 for mules. I got a 9 and it fits just I like.

Well that wraps up my blog. I am going to kick off my shoes and just relax. Let me know if you want more of these in the future. If you need help with sizing or have any questions let me know. Thanks!



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