Back To School Outfits

I feel like this was the most requested and anticipated blog yet! I am so excited! So I took a lot of thought into these outfits and I plan on wearing these to school. I know work places can be chilly so I did some outfits with layers as well. Also please note this doesn’t just apply to teachers/ secretaries/ paras / etc. I think these outfits would work in some office settings as well or save them for a weekend look.

I go back to school August 14 and for those that don’t know I am an elementary paraprofessional and I love my job! This will be my 5th year crazy how time flies.

I did a poll on Instagram asking if they would rather me do this blog post in the style of flat lays, photos of me wearing the clothes, or a mix. It was voted on to do a mix.

I decided to do 5 of each. I did 5 Flat Lays and 5 of me. I mixed them and I had to save the best outfit for last. I had so much fun with it.

If you see this * that means it’s an affiliate link meaning if you click that link and purchase something I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you have any questions about this refer to my Disclaimer Page or comment below

Dress (sized up to an xl) // Shoes (sized up 3 to a size 9 and they fit perfectly I usually size up 1 for mules and the boutique suggested a 9 would be good) *Use code ABBY10 for 10% off you if you want this dress or shoes or anything else you want to purchase! The dress comes in black, navy, black

Can you guess what day I will be wearing this? I can’t decide between my apple toms and my pencil shoes! Similar Shirt (This shirt is no longer available but they have tons of cute shirts xl) // Similar Pants* // Similar Toms // Shoes (DIY you can comment below if you want instructions) // Headbands (print is out of stock but she has other cute options // Similar Earrings // Similar Bracelet

Shirt (xl) // Similar Vest* // Similar Pants* (large 12 or 14) // Similar Shoes // Similar Bracelets // Similar Earrings

Dress/Kimono* (xl) // Headband* // Shoes ( size up 2-3 wearing a 9) // Necklace // Similar Earrings // Similar Bracelets

Similar Shirt (xxl) // Pants* (large) // Shoes (7) // Similar Earrings // Similar Necklace*

Shirt (xl) // Similar Pants* (14) // Shoes (size up 2-3 wearing a 9) // Earrings

Shirt* (xxl) // Pants* (xl) // Shoes* // Similar Necklace // Similar Bracelets // Similar Earrings

Shirt* (xl) // Jeggings* (12) // Similar Chambray Top* (xl) // Headband // Shoes*(7) // Similar Bracelets // Similar Earrings

Shirt* (I sized up to an xxl for longer length) // Pants* (Large) // Similar Earrings // Shoes  (wearing a size 9 size up 2-3 use code ABBY10 for 10% off your purchase)

Here it is the best for last! I love pattern mixing! This top isn’t available anymore but I linked a similar one! Let me know in the comments what your favorite outfit is!

Similar Shirt* (xl) // Pants* (large) // Similar Cardigan* (xl) // Earrings (coral) // Similar Bracelets // Similar Hair Clips Leopard & Pearl // Shoes* (7)

So that wraps up the back to school guide for the beginning of the year! Once Fall gets here I can do another one if you would like? Just let me know in the comments!

I pray that everyone has a fun and safe school year. I pray for the parents also and anyone else involved in the school!

Happy 2019-2020 School Year!



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