Reflecting On The Summer of 2019

Wow! This summer has been a whirlwind and it came and went fast! I can’t believe we go back to school next week. I feel like every summer goes by fast but this one went by really fast.

In all honesty I am kind of ready for summer break to end. I love relaxing and enjoying summer activities, but I love a routine and a schedule and going to work. Plus I just want to put this summer behind me.

I had lots of fun memories this summer and I know the good outweighs the bad but I was in a big flare up all summer.

If you remember back in May my allergies got really bad and I was put on steroids. Then they came back and I went on a longer dose. I’m glad I don’t have to be on steroids anymore and that my allergies have calmed down but I am still needing to take allergy medications 3x a day. I do miss the steroids as they helped my pain and gave me a little bit more energy.

This summer I had to do physical therapy on my ankle which was both painful and helpful. I got a root canal done, and I’ve been to the dentist several times for various reasons. I’ve gone to a lot of doctor appointments. At one point it was once a week.

My low-grade temp got higher if I was outside or did any activity.

Life with a chronic illness is hard. It makes it hard when you want to enjoy something but your body is preventing you from enjoying all the summer things. I miss going to the lake in the summer.

Summer is also hard for me because of my POTS, heat makes it worse and my body doesn’t regulate temperature like it should. When I get hot I feel really sick and my heart rate usually goes up quite a bit.

Then a few weeks ago my gallbladder decided to have a party. It’s about the same or maybe I am just getting used to it.

I know my summer sounds exciting (ha) but I will tell you the fun things I was able to do.

I was able to relax when my body needed to. I could take naps.

I couldn’t go to a lake but my sister and I bought this little fun pool. I may not be able to get out by myself but this pool is so fun.

I have been able to read books and I have gotten a few read.

I have been able to dive more into blogging and planning out things in advance.

I have also been able to enjoy some days with my cousin’s daughter who makes me forget I am in pain. She is the sweetest and funniest little girl.

We got ice-cream and did fun things and made some fun shopping trips.

So while this may not have been the summer I envisioned or wanted I started truly cherishing the good moments I got to experience and slowly it started melting away the stress of the not so good moments.

That is life with chronic illnesses – you have good days and bad days and things don’t go as planned but you usually end up looking on the bright side of things. At least that is what keeps me going.

The little pool we are enjoying. I have to wear a sunhat and lather up in sunscreen and this swim shirt helps a lot.



“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

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