Timeless Accessories

I feel like I haven’t talked accessories in a long time! I am going to talk to you about a few of my favorite accessories. I wear these all the time and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. All of these are very affordable too.

This post may contain affiliate links if you see a * please know that it is an affiliate link, which means I may earn a small commission from you at no additional cost for you.

I love these bright coral earrings! They are perfect to add a pop of color to any outfit. I also wear her bracelets often as well. If you don’t know what to do with an outfit and a necklace might not work, turn to earrings and bracelets. They are a really fun way to add to an outfit. You can dress it up or wear casual. I have worn tassels with my baseball hat before.

If you know me you know I love hair accessories. My favorite headband right now is from The Happy Headband Co. The rainbow stripes go with everything and is a fun accessory to add. I have a few of the scrunchies from Castles & Cauldrons. They are fun prints & Disney characters. You can wear them on your wrist or put them in your hair. These barrettes I got from Walmart. I wear the beaded one when I want to dress up my look a little bit. The other two I wear really with any outfit that needs something or mainly if I am having a bad hair day. ( I can’t find the link for the barrettes from Walmart so you may just have to check your stores. They are the brand Time and Tru. The pearl one is just that one. The other 2 come in a set together.) I also wear headbands from Casual Friday Ky and The Be Brand.

  • For any of these purchases the necklace, ring, bracelet or anything on the website you can use code Abby and receive 20% off your order. I will earn product credit. I love this necklace. You can really wear it with anything. This necklace has such a special meaning to me. I love the rose gold druzy earrings. They add a fun detail to any of my outfits and it really goes with a lot of color. This ring is amazing. You can wear it on any finger. It has two wires that you just pull and then push back together. How fun is that? It also comes in other colors if rose gold isn’t your color. I love it because you could really dress it up with an outfit or it works just fine with a casual outfit.

I wear these Pura Vida Bracelets everyday! If you use code ABBYHERSHBERGER20 you will receive 20% off your purchase. You can’t use the code for subscriptions. I love the Hakuna Matata* one because of The Lion King. It also reminds me to not worry about whatever I am worrying about whenever I look at the bracelet. I also wear the Mental Health Awareness* one. I try to spread awareness by wearing it. I also wear this coin necklace* (pictured below) in gold a lot. It is so fun and goes with anything.

I got these headbands * from Amazon. They are so comfy! I love this new style and the price for these were great! You get 8 colors for just under $10. The reviews were pretty good which is why I got them. I love these headbands. This is also another easy way to just add something to your hair whether you’re having a bad hair day or you just want another accessory to wear.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!

I know school is coming up so next week I will be doing a back to school guide for women. (I don’t blog about kids fashion which is why it’s just women’s fashion so sorry). So I can help teachers, paras, secretaries, or anybody if you need some good work outfits.



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