WEGO Health

I got nominated for 3 awards so I wanted to explain what WEGO Health is a place for patient advocates to connect and learn and it’s a place for caregivers.

You can visit the main website here

So I have been with WEGO Health for a year now! I love it and they recently made exciting changes! It is all online, but I can go and do web videos and read articles and participate in more chats now. I can learn more about my conditions and I can come back and apply that to my blogs. I am so passionate about raising awareness and this platform provides me with the tools, knowledge, and support I need. We learn about other diseases as well!

Sometimes it is hard for me to consider myself a patient advocate because I just feel like I am sharing my experiences and thoughts rather than advocating. As I started to reflect more on that I realized I am advocating for others. Before I got sick I wish I would’ve came across a blog or a website like this or WEGO Health. Now that I am sick I share my experiences good and bad to help people understand what we go through, but to also help people who deal with these medical diseases. Sometimes doctors don’t treat us right, it is ok to stand up, the journey to a diagnosis isn’t always easy, etc.

I have made a lot of connections through blogging and WEGO Health. I really enjoy the WEGO Health twitter chats because it provides a huge opportunity to connect with others. We are all passionate about helping raise awareness and helping others feel like they have a voice.

If you ever need anything or have any questions you can e-mail me or comment or message me on any social media accounts. I want to help you and if I can make your difficult journey just a little bit easier that means a lot. I don’t want other patients to have to experience all the bad things I have had to endure instead I want them to enjoy the good moments and get the most out of life.

So thank you so much for all the support you have shown. Sharing my blogs, reading my blogs, commenting, etc. These award nominations wouldn’t happen or be possible without you.

I got nominated for 3 different awards:

  1. Best in Show Blog
  2. Best in Show Instagram
  3. Best Kept Secret

You can endorse/vote for me here. It is my understanding that you can only vote one time per category but if you have multiple e-mail addresses you can vote more. Example if your email is 123@example.com you can vote 1 time for the blog, 1 time for instagram, and 1 time for secret and that is it. This round isn’t daily votes its just a one and done. But if you use another e-mail account you can enter that as well so you “could” vote 2 times if that makes sense.

I truly appreciate any and all endorsements. If I won not only would it be a huge honor but I would win a trip to Las Vegas to attend the WEGO Health Awards & Conference.

Thanks again!



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