July 14-20

July 14

Happy Planner (Choose Your Own) // Similar Washi Tape // Seasonal Sticker Book Mini // Planner Basics Sticker Book // Fiskars Knife // Mint Storage Bins (Similar Build Your Own) // Rae Dunn Holders – TJ Maxx found in store // Rainbow Bin Similar Bins (Target Bullseye Playground last year)

July 14

Similar Shirt (xl) // Jeggings (12) // Shoes // Earrings

**These next two links I earn a small commission when you use the code ABBYHERSHBERGER20 and you recieve 20% off your purchase (excluding subscriptions) I will just link these once here I usually wear them daily Mental Health Awareness Bracelet// Hakuna Matata Bracelet

July 15

Dress (I got mine at Costco a few years ago but this looks the same wearing a L *affiliate link) // Shoes (USE CODE ABBY10 for 10% off your purchase on anything on K.E.Y. Boutique) // Similar Bracelet

July 16

Similar Shirts (same place this was just an exclusive design from the subscription boxes wearing an xl) // Similar Shorts (Large)

Exciting news! I got accepted into Shop Style! So everything below is an affiliate link! I will do a blog post Friday explaining it more! It is no additional cost to you!

July 17

Similar Shirt (xl) // Similar Shorts (Large)

July 18

You can shop my look by clicking this link (Earrings in mint & Similar Bracelets linked here)

July 19

Letter Board // Similar Banner //

July 20

Shop A Similar Rae Dunn Product Here

July 20

Scrunchies // Similar Jumpsuit // Shoes (size up 2 wearing a 9 use code ABBY10 for 10% off) // Earrings // Similar Vest // Hakuna Matata Bracelet (Use code ABBYHERSHBERGER20 for 20% off)



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