My Favorite Amazon Prime Items

Who is ready for Prime Day?! It starts Monday July 15 and goes till Tuesday July 16. I will be updating this blog post as prime day starts! I am putting up my top 5 items right now from Amazon and hoping they go on a great deal in case you want to get one! All of these links are commissioned links at no extra charge to you I will earn a small commission for any purchases made through these links or pictures. Thank you!

Alright in no particular order here is the Kindle! This is the newer version I have the older version! I use this so much and I love using the prime library and the libby app. I know some books go on good deals for Prime Day!

I love using this sound machine! It has blocked out the train noise and really any other noise.

I love these pants! For my Prime Wardrobe try on I had a 12 and loved them! I wish I would’ve kept them!

I love this face shaver! It helps my skincare work better and my sunscreen is better!

This screen protector has been great! I have cracked my screen protector a few times and had to put a new one on, but my phone has never been damaged!

Alright the ones above are just my favorite amazon products that I hope go on sale! These below are PRIME DAY DEALS!

I love velvet hangers and I needed a few more! For only $13.96 you get a 50 pack!

I can’t wait to get these 2 pack v-necks! For $12.95 you get 2 shirts! Comes in so many colors! Skye is the kindest blogger and has helped me out so much! She loves the shirts and they have been on my wishlist for a long time! She posted this amazing deal and I couldn’t pass it up! Follow her along on her Instagram (she is showing the shirts on today) & here is her blog! She is so funny, she does real talk, she loves God, and she shares so many financial tips!

This Kitchen Aid Mixer won’t last long at the price of $239.99 its 48% off!

Are you a classroom teacher or just in need of some book bins? These look cute!

These flair pens are always awesome to have on hand!

I have the older version of this kindle paperwhite but it looks great! Usually $129.00 only $84.99

I have this hat in grey and love it! I look forward to styling it in the fall. Such a good savings usually $16.45 now $8.23



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