My Summer Favorites

In the summer you can guarantee I will be using at least one of these daily. These are my go to summer items for this year!

Let’s start with the skin care/ lotions category. Hand Soap *who doesn’t love summer scents? // Body Mist Spray // Lotion // Sunscreen * affiliate link // Climate Control (from Senegence if you are interested let me know and I can direct you to someone who sells Senegence) it hydrates your skin and is just amazing I use it on my face!

Electronics- This portable battery charger for electronics is amazing. This exact model isn’t made anymore but this is nearly identical same brand. I have had this for at least 2 years and it works great! Charges my phone all the way to 100%. (I have an iPhone 8 plus for reference).

*These next 3 links are affiliate links – I love my kindle! (* a newer version I have the 2015 model) I also recently found this thing to hold your kindle it makes it so much easier. I love this book you can get the hardback version or kindle version. I highly recommend this book it isn’t like you are a failure get your life together motivation; it truly feels like your reading something from your best friend who just wants you to reach your highest potential in the most honest and raw form.

In the summer these earrings are my go to! So light weight and so fun! I love this toy story scrunchie. No longer available but visit her store for great options! This is also a headband I grab all the time. Also this fun iridescent scrunchie is perfect (out of stock sorry but check out the other fun ones)! These Birkenstocks are my favorite shoes! I will let you in on a little secret we have a local shoe store and they do a summer blow out sales and that is when I scored these for only like $63 dollars! I wear them so much!

Let me know if you use any of these or let me know what you enjoy this summer? Next blog post will be geared towards Amazon Prime Day! I can’t wait!




    • Thank you so much! Yes I love this color! They go with everything! I have a darker pair that is the softbed pair but they are both so comfy! I wear both pairs during the summer! Thanks for reading this blog post! 🙂


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