Kohls Try-On

I went to Kohls during Memorial Day weekend! I meant to make this blog post a lot sooner but Kohls is always having sales so it all worked out! I love shopping at Kohls because of their rewards program, and all the coupons they offer! My favorite thing of all is Kohls Cash! I will share some of my favorite finds I tried on! Also I got some of the stuff recently because I had reward money and Kohls cash to spend!

This is the blue shirt (xxl) and here is the camo (xxl) Also jean shorts are not Kohls they are from Old Navy but here is a similar Old Navy pair (size 12). Also noted I didn’t get either of these shirts. Nothing against them just didn’t need to get a lot of shirts that day.

These shirts both came home with me! The striped one (wearing an xl) and the yellow one (wearing an xxl). I don’t typically get 2 different sizes for the same shirt but I grabbed one in each size to try and liked how they both fit. I liked the yellow one a bit looser so I could knot it ( I show it knotted at the bottom of this blog post).

These 2 tanks didn’t come home with me. I wasn’t a big fan of the cut on the sides or the fit. Coral tank (xl) and lemon (xl).

This lemon t-shirt (xl) was cute but I didn’t get it because it was a little heavy feeling for summer.

This Lauren Conrad shirt was on major clearance! I can’t find this print online but here is the same shirt (xl) but different print.

This was a fun graphic shirt! So soft and I regret not getting it! It said bring your own sun shine with a little fun drawing of a sun! Unfortunately I can’t find it online anywhere. I believe it was Sonoma brand from Kohls and I was wearing a xxl.

I finally purchased these shoes (wearing a size 6)! I fit into kids shoes so that is what I bought. They weren’t on sale but I earned Kohls cash so it worked out great! Here are similar shoes in adult sizes.

Then I got these pajamas! My store didn’t have the leopard that I saw or I would’ve definitely gotten those! These have tiny little black hearts on them and they are so fun! Definitely size up 1 I got an xl! They are silky feeling so good for the summer! Also please note the drawstring is just for decoration or whatever you want to call it haha it doesn’t work.

Here is the yellow shirt tied! I hope you can make it to Kohls soon! I love their sales and checking their clearance racks! Have you found any good deals at Kohls recently? What is your favorite thing to buy at Kohls?



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