Father’s Day – Gift Ideas

Real talk real quick. Some of you may not know some of you do, but my Dad passed away unexpectedly. (if you want to read more in detail read this blog post here (https://abbyhershberger.blog/2017/11/12/miss-you-dad/) I was the one that found him. It has been 5 years close to 6.

I didn’t know if I should do a Father’s Day Gift Guide or not. (for those that are also dealing with the loss of a dad on fathers day or you maybe don’t have the best relationship read the very end of this blog post, I have a few ideas with how to deal with this day).

I know a lot of bloggers out there do make gift guides for the holidays and I love helping people find affordable finds. If I can help make shopping easier for you all I am all for it. So on Friday I knew I needed to decide what I should do. I went to good old instagram then for a poll and didn’t mention anything about dad just asked if people would like a blog post for gift ideas for Father’s Day. It was an overwhelming yes please. So I thought there is my answer. I am going to do it.

I am basing all of these gift recommendations on things my Dad liked and things I would’ve bought. I hope this helps. As I started to focus more on what I should include, I realized I then wanted nothing more than to do a Father’s Day blog. If I get to help you find another gift for your Dad and you get to celebrate with him on this day then we need to celebrate! Let your Dad know how much he means to you, skip the gifts, go golfing with him, or go to a baseball game, write a card, or a letter, or let him cook all the meat he wants. Of course you can celebrate with gifts as well but “gifts” that make memories are just as good. Ok now lets get on to celebrating!!!

**Any Amazon link that you click and make a purchase through I will earn a small commission**

This under armour polo comes in a few colors but black and grey appear to be just under $30. My dad loved golfing and he loved a good polo shirt so I would have definitely bought him this.

These amazon echo dots are on a great sale! Only $29.99! We have 3 in our house! They work great! Also pair it with a smart plug below and just let your dad sit back on the couch and relax.

We have one of these plugs and just an example during Christmas I plugged my lights in and all I had to say was “Alexa turn plug 1 on” or “Alexa turn plug 2 off” how cool is that? Amazon has a lot of smart home features. They even have it to where you can connect your phone and can control lights then using Alexa so you can just lay down and relax!

Next up just get him an Amazon Gift Card and let him pick out whatever he wants! They have set amounts like $25, $50 or you can add your own amount at the side.

Alright that wraps up Amazon gift ideas.

Next up are just general ideas, no links, no commissioned links, and nothing is sponsored below.

We have a movie theatre near us that has those luxury recliner seats so you can take your Dad out to eat then go to the movies and relax and eat some popcorn.

Just some other general ideas that you can’t really ever go wrong with get him:

a pair of shoes (tennis shoes or nice shoes)



a round of golf

favorite sports team apparel

kohls gift card or any gift card

a handmade gift

Ok so for those like me who can’t celebrate Father’s Day with their Dad (whatever that maybe to you – loss of a parent, bad relationship, ie). This day can be very difficult. Some years I stayed off social media because I was getting so heartbroken that all these other people got to celebrate their Dad and I couldn’t. One year we went out to eat and see a movie which was very hard because it was just like all we saw were Dads. Now I kind of look at this day with a different perspective. I still celebrate my Dad even though he isn’t here earthly with us. I think of all the great memories I got to spend with him. I cheer my friends and family on and wish them all the best as they get to enjoy time with their Dad. I think one year we just stayed inside and made it a movie day and had lots of fun snacks at home.

You can go for a drive to get some fresh air, or do something that you love. You can do something that you and your Dad did together in a way to remember him. This day can be so happy and fun, and for some and it can be a very difficult day for others. Wherever you are in life just please enjoy your moments with your Dad. I was so lucky to have 18 wonderful years of memories with Dad.

I hope this gift guide and ideas for those who celebrate Father’s Day differently was helpful. Just know I am thinking of you all!



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