My Thoughts On Amazon Prime Wardrobe

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Every time I got on amazon prime I kept getting notifications to try amazon prime wardrobe for no risk/no cost unless you end up buying. I thought finally I should try it. It was pretty easy but I am not sure I will do it again there were some cons that outweighed the pros for me mainly because I can’t drive (don’t worry I will explain why this is needed)

I will say it was nice to try on stuff without being charged yet. I finally was able to try on some stuff from amazons brand daily ritual. It is so soft! Some of the clothes were tailored a bit differently.

So I will show you the things I got. I will be completely honest I didn’t take pictures of me in everything because some of the stuff just didn’t look good on me.

This wasn’t a prime wardrobe eligible item but I ordered it and it came on the same day! I got a large and still have quite a bit of room. I got the colorful rainbow one and it is linked directly. Don’t panic like I did when you get it in the mail it feels like a shoe. They air seal it or something so it is packed in there but when you open it the cardigan quickly puffs out. This material is so soft! I 100% recommend this! Cardigan was around $32 dollars. Boutiques carry this type of cardigan for much more.

This jumpsuit was wardrobe eligible. I have been searching for the perfect jumpsuit for such a long time and come up empty every single time. I LOVED this one and was really happy until I realized where the zipper was (see picture below). With my chronic illness/pain this zipper was nearly impossible for me to get. This was my fault because I was thinking it was just a pull on/ pull off jumpsuit or that if it had a zipper it would be on the side. So for this I was glad I wasn’t out $40 until I returned it. I was charged $0 for trying this on. The material was amazing and the fit was great! I sized up to a 14! I may try the tank top version or some others on amazon and carefully look at the pictures/descriptions.

Here you can see the key hole opening and the zipper is underneath that.

Next up is this tank top is only $13. I have been searching for modest tank tops (aka ones that don’t show the bra on the back or the sides) this fit was so weird. I got an xl and it was too big under my armpits and sizing down wouldn’t solve the problem because it fit great in the front and back it was the sides that weren’t working for me. Oh well. You can’t win them all. I know for some people they love this tank and can’t live without them. Maybe I will try a large and see if that makes a difference but I don’t think this was sizing.

Okay these shorts had me straight up laughing when I tried them on. They were so see through and short! I also would have been better ordering an xl sizing up but this wasn’t the problem. I didn’t like the material and the quality didn’t seem great. Maybe a different color would have been better but I wasn’t a fan of this material. Comes in different colors and was $12.

Ok I have to be honest this one really surprised me. I just ordered the skirt to try it but I was really looking forward to this chambray shirt. The skirt comes in other colors and was priced around $22. I sized up in the shirt ordered in medium wash (getting an xl) comes in different washes and was $26. I stayed true to size in the skirt (ordering a large). I would’ve kept this skirt but it doesn’t have pockets. The material was so soft! I added it to my wishlist so if it ever goes on major sale I may get it. I recommend sizing up. Ok back to the shirt. It was so soft and cute. The way this shirt was made was not for my body type. It pulled weird in the back and the sleeves almost like it was all connected instead of the sleeves being “free” if that makes sense.

I loved this long sleeve shirt (wearing in an xl comes in lots of colors and patterns $19) it was so silky and comfy everything was going good until I saw the back. It was like tailored really weird. It “puffed” out in the middle of my back and made it look like I had extra weight there. So this unfortunately was a definite no.

These tencel tie-waist jogger pants ($29) were the winner for me. In the fall I may just order all the colors. I ordered a large and that was perfect. This material was the same as the jump suit. You may be thinking why didn’t you keep it then. Well I don’t need long pants for summer right now. I will be ordering this though when the cooler months come in the fall. I am also hoping these maybe go on a big sale for prime day since this is amazons brand?!

Ok so that wraps up my try-on. So I didn’t end up keeping anything from the prime wardrobe the rainbow cardigan was separate. My final thoughts are this was a good experience. If I try it next time maybe I will order a bunch of jump suits. I got an e-mail the other day that they are launching another free service where you get connected with a stylist and its like prime wardrobe.

Ok so how this works is you order the items and it has to say prime eligible (some items only say that in certain colors and sizes) you can only get up to 8 items, and it has to be a credit card not a debit card. I thought they could run my debit as a credit but no. So I had to borrow moms credit card. The other thing I really didn’t like is what you didn’t keep you had to return to the UPS Store/drop off near you. I wish you could just leave it outside your door. Maybe they are working on that? The nice thing though instead of being charged almost $200 I was only charged $0 and because I returned everything I won’t get charged. I dropped it off Friday afternoon and by Friday evening I got an e-mail that it was en-route back to Amazon. I read somewhere that you could possibly pay a $1 service fee. We didn’t have to but we used our amazon card so that maybe why.

You have 7 days once the items get to you (they all come in one bag/box). You have to put them in the mail by the 7th day or else you will be charged the full amount. They send you the shipping labels and you just re seal the bag or box. Some get boxes it sounds like mine was a bag. I dropped it off at the UPS store near me Friday afternoon and I just got an email Tuesday evening saying everything arrived and was delivered. So I will be charged $0.

Let me know which one was your favorite. Are you considering trying prime wardrobe?

**When I say “free” it is “free” for amazon PRIME members ONLY (which is a membership fee you pay yearly) if you don’t have amazon prime I recommend it because Prime Day is coming up and its like black Friday!**

**Just a reminder if you click any of the amazon links and make a purchase I will make a small commission**



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