When you feel validated

This is such a big word in the chronic illness world. Validation! All you want is to be validated by your doctors. You know how last week I was worried a little bit about Physical Therapy? Well my doctor really talked to them! I saw one therapist for the evaluation but you are in a big room so you interact with everyone. Anyways right away she said I am aware of your conditions. Then I knew she was awesome when we were going over how much this sprain has affected things. So we based my “normal” on how I have been living life these past 3 years instead of having to differ it from before being sick and during being sick. It is hard to explain if you have to different conditions. We know that this isn’t normal but need to focus on my ankle & just my ankle pain. Which believe me I can easily distinguish my symptoms. So we had to get a clear picture on ankle pain and motion range so we could track progress. It was so simple and easy. Just a long process ha.

So we got into some exercises that I can do at home. My therapist looked at me and said I am not making you stand up because we don’t want to make you worse. So where I sprained my ankle it apparently involves the main ligament (go figure I mean go big or go home right). So we think what happened is that all the muscles in my feet are a bit weak and this ligament was kind of holding everything together. So I have to really get motion back and some strength so I don’t keep spraining it. We have to focus on my toes kind of because I forget all the wording and why but it’s something with when I walk my toes do something and thats why I keep spraining. So usually with this type of sprain they focus on standing to get better. I didn’t even say anything and she said we are doing this all sitting down because again we can’t make your body or muscles more tired or worse and we don’t want to send you into a flare-up. So all 4 of the exercises I do laying down and then use a rope or something along that line to do gentle stretches and wind shield wipers. Then the other 2 I get a wash cloth on a hard floor and “mop” with my foot up and down then I lift up and down. I was so thankful that they already modified everything for me and didn’t make me feel bad. She even said your muscles are like solid wood (which is what the doctors keep saying -ps. its not a good thing) and they spasm a lot due to fibromyalgia.

She stressed so much that she didn’t want me over stretching things and taking it easy. The next 2 sessions I have to see a different pt because the one I saw was booked up but I am not nervous because they are all nice and she will be there if I need her -haha. So the plan right now is 2 sessions a week for 2 weeks then re-evaluate. I meet with the doctor again on July 9 unless things are getting worse.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that these doctors and physical therapists were so kind to me. They validated all of my symptoms and more! They actually listened to me and I wasn’t viewed as a patient I was viewed as a PERSON! If you are local and need to see a doctor that specializes in musculoskeletal injuries I would be happy to recommend this doctor.

Just remember in the midst of chaos there really are bright rainbows scattered throughout.

 “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” – James 1:19

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