Another JcPenney Try-On/Fav Picks

Alright it was requested a few times that I do another JcPenney try on! I tried on quite a bit of stuff! I didn’t end up keeping it all! I will link some things that I also found online! There were so many good sales happening and so much to choose from some times it is hard in store to see everything! Plus I figured out how to link things much easier and I think it will look cleaner! Let me know in the comments how you like it!

I have finally found a leopard shirt that I like and felt good in! The sleeves come cuffed so it is super cute and I know this will be a staple piece in my closet. (Shorts are from Old Navy these are a similar pair)

Wearing an xl in the shirt recommend sizing up. ANA seems true to size so if you want a bit of a longer/ looser fit size up one. Wearing a 12 in the old navy denim shorts.

Wearing this shirt in a xl. Online it only comes in petite I don’t remember getting a petite in store but I am only 5’2 so who knows. Sorry! This shirt was really soft. I ended up not getting it because I have a lot of graphic shirts (like that has ever stopped me before) anyways I kind of regret not getting it. Shorts size 12 from Old Navy.

This shirt was on clearance so I thought I would try it. I didn’t get it because I didn’t think it looked flattering on my body shape. I loved the color and material though! These shorts are JcPenney and so very soft! Are you a fan of the bermuda shorts coming back in?

This short-sleeve sweatshirt was really comfy but I didn’t get it because for me personally it felt a little too hot for summer. I can’t find the link for this shirt online so if you like it I recommend going to your nearest JCP and searching the clearance. It was St. Johns bay. Shorts are the Bermudas again.

I tried this shirt on because it was cheap and this material/style is coming back. I regret not buying this one. It was cute and comfy and I loved the pink on it. The only thing was I wish it was an xl I think that would have been better. Shorts are the Bermuda ones again.

This is my first camo shirt! It is very soft and very comfy! Wearing an xl can’t find this online but linking a similar one the exact same just a different pattern. Shorts are Bermudas.

Ok so I really liked this tank top. I was just really self conscious with the back. It is kind of an open circle back. Comes in lots of cute and fun colors and patterns. Shorts are the Bermuda ones.

This shirt (linking in a petite regular was sold out and take note the petite has a pocket on it) was so soft and flattering. Just ignore the belt part from the shorts haha. I didn’t get this only because I just bought something similar last week at Walmart. These shirts are such a good deal and a perfect staple. This would go with so many things. Shorts are so comfy and perfect for summer wearing a size Large. How about I just grab all the shorts in this pattern? I love these!

Alright here is the thing with this tank (a similar one) I didn’t like the material or how it fit so I didn’t get it, I grabbed it because it was only $5 and I thought it would be cute with the shorts. Thankfully I have a few other options.

I wasn’t a big fan of this shirt (mine didn’t have a tie or anything so Im not sure if this was the top or if it was just untied) when I tried it on. I don’t know if it was the buttons or what but ever since when I look at this picture I think why didn’t I get it. Are we sensing a theme here today haha? I love these fun shorts though! Wearing a Large.

Ok who remembers this outfit from Easter? When I ditched the dress for pants! Guess what? These pants come in shorts also! This shirt is a favorite of mine! Size up 1 or 2 it is a short shirt so I sized up for length!

Alright that wraps up this session of JcPenney! I originally talked about mixing in some things from online because I didn’t think I would have enough content (just being honest) but it appears I had enough so I am calling it good.

I recommend signing up for the JCP Rewards. You get good deals and rewards! Like I got these pearl earrings that are normally $49.99 for $10.00 because it was a member exclusive so I gave my mom the pink tone ones for Mother’s Day

JCP always has good deals going on especially during the weekends. If you have any questions or comments let me know! Hope you enjoyed this! I am ready for summer and its approaching fast!

Also please keep in mind there were a few items that I tried on that didn’t fit or didn’t look good and chose not to upload everything. I am only sharing what I truly loved and or bought.



*no links are affiliated or sponsored I earn no commission or anything through these links on this post*

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