Memorial Day Outfit Ideas

Hi! I had so much fun doing these flat lays! I hope you enjoy them as well! I will link everything! I tried to use items that you probably have in your closet or if you love them so much it wouldn’t be hard to get (ex Walmart, Target). I am looking forward to a big cookout with our family and kicking off the start to summer. (although we still have a few days left of school)

I asked some questions on Instagram stories before I started doing this blog post. Some people go all out with red, white, and blue for memorial day. Other people don’t, that maybe religious beliefs, personal preferences, or other. I choose to do a mix of patriotic themed outfits and some regular outfits. I won’t be decked out in all red, white, and blue but I like to add a little bit in somehow.

All right that wraps it up! I hope these help and give you some ideas for your gatherings this weekend or if you need some summer outfits!

*no links are sponsored or commissioned in this post*



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