My experience with mental health struggles

Did you know May is also Mental Health Awareness Month? I haven’t talked about it a lot on my blog but I have learned it is ok to not be ok all the time. I wrote a blog post a long time ago talking about when I first got diagnosed. (You can read it here

I still remember vividly my 1st appointment with Dr. Gota sitting in the office filling out all the paperwork and when she came in and told me I was moderately to severely depressed. I looked at Mom and said I am not depressed. I was in complete denial. Afterwards, I was put on some medication and looking back I knew I was depressed. Fast forward to now, I am in such a good place right now. That feels weird to say because so much of my life isn’t great, living with chronic illnesses and missing dad. I truly feel like I am in a good place and I feel happy again. I have loved this new part of my blogging for me and connecting with new people which makes this community all the better.

I went to my PCP earlier in May. Every time I go I have to fill out the depression score chart. I am all the way down to 9 right now! (The “higher” score right now is also coming from insomnia and focus. So I’m sure without a chronic illness causing those it would be even lower. I will tell you it feels so good to be that low! I was at 13 I think at one point. My medicines are pretty much all figured out for depression right now. When I got on anxiety meds that also helped me a lot . I understand depression is sort of out of my control in a sense. I didn’t cause it. My body and brain chemicals are causing this so there is medication to help me. I have put a lot of hard work into getting into a happier headspace for me. Saying “goodbye” to a few dreams has helped me a lot, as I am not constantly getting drug down by the things I can’t do. I also know that sometimes I will have a bad day here and there and that is ok. I know if I have several bad days in my row to contact my doctor or talk to my friends or family. Blogging has been a huge help for me in the sense of getting things written down and releasing them. I tell myself several times a day “Let go and let God”. If you are in a rough place right now reach out to me, or a friend, or a family member. Schedule a doctor appointment or reach out to a therapist. It is OKAY! Getting to this point has taken me 3 years. I can say with confidence that moving into the new house has had a lot to do with my depression getting better. We get a lot of natural light in the house. I also am able to go outside whenever I want since it’s accessible. This community is so safe and friendly. I am so thankful for everything this house has provided.

Talking about my progress with anxiety – well there isn’t really any. I’m not sure if I ever will get to a better place. I struggle with guilt daily of what my chronic illness does to other people. I used to get nervous at times in my life, I mean we all do, but last year I noticed I couldn’t recover from my nerves. We found the right medication and the right dosage. It has helped so much! I usually take 3 a day. 1 in the morning and 2 right before bed. Sometimes I have to take one in the afternoon. Usually when I have a doctor appointment or I am meeting with a new doctor I get so nervous that I can’t calm down and I just feel sick. This has helped me cope with doctor appointments a lot. I want to make it known anxiety pills can be tricky because people can become very addicted to them because they make you “calm”. I really listen to my body and I am pretty good at knowing when I truly need it and when I don’t.

*This is NOT medical advice I am NOT a doctor I am just sharing my experience and what works*

Just to recap:

It is okay to not be okay all the time every day

If you don’t feel ok for several days reach out to someone

Having a mental illness is okay it doesn’t make you weird or different.



“Be still and let go and let God.” -Psalm 46:10

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